hayylo’s customer experience platform: software with a human touch
We know the right technology can enhance a customer’s experience, so we created hayylo to make that experience truly exceptional. hayylo is the only purpose built customer experience platform designed for aged, disability and home health care providers.  It’s a fully integrated software platform with a range of customisable features specifically developed to simplify the way information flows to and from the customer.


Service delivery can be fragmented and complex. hayylo’s software uses API technology to pull together  multiple data sources into a comprehensive, centralised environment. This provides you with more time to focus on each customer’s unique needs.






self service



extending care across the whole customer journey

When your goal is to provide exceptional customer care, you need more time to devote to the person and less on simply operating.  With hayylo, your managers and teams can track and prioritise tasks with ease, coordinate schedules more efficiently, and keep customers in the loop at every step.  The hayylo platform inspires customers and their families to join the conversation about their unique needs with feedback and the ability to rate services.

using hayylo’s customisable customer experience platform, care providers can:
  • Notify a customer of who is coming and when
  • Provide task related updates to customers and their families
  • Offer new services to customers
  • Receive requests or general enquiries from customers
  • Track, prioritise and action requests received from customers

To keep things running smoothly, we make sure that care providers have access to and are supported by our on call hayylo experience team.

give customers a voice using the hayylo mobile app 

The hayylo customer experience platform features real-time communication between care providers and customers via a self branded app. Providers can now form deeper and more meaningful connections with those in their care.

Because hayylo provides a fully branded app experience, customers can stay in touch with managers and their teams throughout their care journey in a familiar setting they can trust.  The app empowers customers by providing timely and clear information, so they know when and what service to expect, and who will deliver it. Through the app, customers and their families can leave care provider reviews, request additional services or simply ask for advice.


ready to take the next steps with hayylo?

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