integrate your data to tell a unique story
Care providers look after people. They also deal with large volumes of data, every day. Whatever the tools you use to collect and manage your data, hayylo’s integration software brings all your systems together into a single customer view.
hayylo software can integrate with:

  • All leading scheduling tools
  • Finance and payroll systems
  • Customer management systems
  • Marketing and social media platforms
  • Data warehouses and websites

The software integrates with any of your existing data sources by using application programming interfaces (APIs) that talk to your various systems. Integration occurs at the setup stage of a project, then once activated the APIs work behind the scenes to pull together information into a cohesive story that centers around your customer and their unique needs.

integration makes customer care easy


hayylo uses purpose built technology that talks to any system on the market to intelligently collect, interpret and present health care data to your customers and their families. You can also use the platform to improve workflows, scheduling, and financial reporting. hayylo’s integration feature makes it easy to manage and coordinate support with real-time monitoring, and alerts.  While the platform integrates your systems using APIs, we understand that customer information must remain private and secure at all times. With hayylo, every care provider receives their own unique and secure environment, so that customer information, and other data, are always protected.

all you need to know
in one app


Using APIs, hayylo integrates multiple data sources and provides the customer and their family with their own unique story accessible through the app. Customers and their families can enjoy real-time updates about their support, view new offers or upcoming activities, accept or reschedule services, and provide feedback through simple, easy to use features. hayylo’s integration uses APIs to talk to your systems, and presents your information in a single, user friendly stream, accessible through the app. Managing customer health care via the app is simple when everyone involved has access to relevant information wherever and whenever they need it.

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