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Customers and their families want to be informed when it comes to their care and the care of their loved ones.  They want to make sure the right person turns up at the right time, to do the right job. hayylo uses automated communication software to keep everyone informed of who’s coming to provide a service and when.  Automated and intelligent notifications let customers and their families know when a new service is going to start, when to expect their next visit, or whenever a change occurs. hayylo’s software integrates with your scheduling data, analyses it, then sends tailored communications to create a seamless customer journey, keeping customers and their families up to date.
keep customers informed and at ease
Your managers and teams need to quickly and easily keep customers in the know when it comes to their services. Made possible through hayylo’s purpose built technology, the hayylo customer experience platform is configured according to your business rules so you control when customers receive notifications.  With scheduling software integration, you can pair customers with their service details in real-time, so you can focus on delivering exceptional service.  Customers prefer to keep a predictable schedule, so even when a support worker is canceled at the last minute and needs to be replaced, the platform will notify the customer and their families to ensure providers can continue to deliver services as promised, driving great customer service.
let your customer
choose their channel
Customers are kept at ease knowing they are notified of any updates as soon as they are confirmed.  They have the power to request changes or submit a new request for services, whatever the time of day.  The mobile app allows you to retain your branding so your customers always know who they are receiving notifications from. Through the app, the automated notifications and sms software prompts customers to confirm whether to go ahead or reschedule upcoming services. It also lets customers know when their request has been received and actioned.  Customers can even select their preferred channel of communication, whether via the app, sms or by phone, and can update their preference at any time.


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