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Hayylo is the most secure, highly adopted customer service platform dedicated to elevating care quality and satisfaction. We empower care providers to exceed compliance standards and foster trust, delivering transparent and responsive services where every voice is heard.

Churches of Christ

Churches of Christ Qld chose Hayylo as their client and family communications tools throughout the pandemic.

"Hayylo meant we could keep our communities updated over the pandemic with ease"


Chorus service over 10,000 clients across Western Australia and chose Hayylo as their preferred partner.

“We love using Hayylo, we couldn't think of a world without it now”


NovaCare service the community of Newcastle and have been a Hayylo customer since 2017.

"Every member of our teams uses Hayylo to manage their daily work"


Goodin is the ACT's leading care provider, supporting over 3500 clients and their families.

“The Hayylo implementation was the best deployment we have ever done"

Integrated Living

One of the leading care provider in Australia, Integratedliving service over 10000 clients across Australia.

"We love Hayylo and couldn't service our customers without it"

Life Care are South Australia's premier multi purpose care provider, servicing thousands across the community,

“Hayylo let us connect residents to thousands of their families in lockdown”

Hayylo - Care Team Questions

Operating budgets are stretched

With over 60% of communication being repetitive, teams are working hard to stay organised and efficient, which creates stress and burn out, making it difficult to foster productive teams and retain staff.

Thousands of hours saved

On average each client requires 3-5 contacts per month relating to service changes. This effort adds up quickly, reducing care team productivity.

  • 150 hrs

    Time saved with 500 clients

  • 300 hrs

    Time saved with 1000 clients

  • 1400 hrs

    Time saved with 5000 clients

  • 3000 hrs

    Time saved with 10000 clients

Productive teams
Happy clients
Simple care

Within weeks hayylo relieves daily effort from scheduling, customer service and co-ordination teams, enabling greater connection with clients, lower operating costs and increased productivity.

  • In 4 weeks

    In 4 weeks

    Your team will be up and running, saving hundreds of hours in admin time by automatically updating clients and their families they way they want.

  • In 8 weeks

    In 8 weeks

    Your customer service, scheduling and care management teams will have a bird’s eye view across all work and able to manage it more effectively.

  • Moving forward

    Moving forward

    Clients, families and teams will be able to reach each other in more efficient ways such as SMS chat and self service via your branded app, saving you time and money.

  • Future proofing

    Future proofing

    As we continue to work together we open even more ways for your communities to connect and self serve the information that matters to them.

Case Study

The world is moving to digital care delivery, and Hayylo helps us get there.

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Care Sector Awards

Hayylo won the ITAC (Innovative Technology Across Care) Joint Overall Winner in 2018 as well as the 2018 Best Solution that provides ongoing consumer independence through ITAC. We’ve also been awarded CareFactor’s 2019 Innovation in Aged Care award, and been recognised as finalists for multiple international industry awards.

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