In such a complex world we operate in, with moving goal posts shaped by government policy and changing consumer behaviours, its never easy to remain up to date.  Technology, people and processes are continuously tuned to help deliver more to clients with less.  By the time we have focused on a particular aspect of our organisations, we often find it needs to further integrate with a new policy, or consumer desire.  Let’s face it, consumers expect us to keep up! So how do we stay relevant in an increasingly competitive environment? The short answer is, its not easy. With new providers appearing rapidly, with purpose built infrastructure and processes, existing providers are being forced to adopt lean methods to innovate.  As technology is selected to support provider businesses, there needs to be a focus on not only the solution, but the method in which it will support future growth.  A key aspect in determining which direction to take, should be around the solution providers ability to continue to react to our changing world.  Technology has accelerated so much over the last decade, that its hard to pin down to a platform or solution. Some providers are opting to partner with groups who will maintain their client expectations.

hayylo is but one provider who operates a rapid product cycle that aims to keep providers relevant.  Integrating modern payment methods, social communication channels and intelligent tools to help clients remain independent, has a significant impact on provider abilities to retain and scale their client bases.

To coincide with the new year, hayylo are opening up their reminders platform which is aimed to help clients across Aged, Disability and Mental health remain independent. Through simple daily prompts delivered via their phone for a variety of purposes such as injury recovery, cognitive prompts, appointment reminders or simply to notify them that they need to perform simple tasks around the house, clients health outcomes and sentiment are driving upwards. Register free and get your organisation connected with hayylo to enhance, retain and scale.

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