Mary is one of the millions challenged with a disability. Her ability to maintain independence, engage in the community and continue to have the quality of life she likes is not something that comes easily.  Mary is one of the many funded under the NDIS and now has choice of a range of services to help support her daily living and rehabilitation needs.

So how do people like Mary choose? What services does she require and which providers will be selected to deliver them?

These are questions faced by many NDIS participants as the program continues to rollout.  Where choice was previously limited by a number of factors, now having an “open menu” to choose from presents other challenges to both participants and providers.  The vast multitude of NDIS providers means clients are now turning to review services such “Clickability” to find trusted client reviews of different service providers.  These are one of the many new and innovative services supporting the new “open choice” framework that is the NDIS.

Being a provider in this new world means looking with a new lens.  Retaining existing clients, acquiring new clients and excelling in service delivery is becoming paramount.  With the existing cost pressures of the NDIS pricing, this is forcing providers to look for innovative ways to retain, acquire and scale their businesses.  One group that is helping providers gain the “edge” is hayylo.

hayylo is a social care based technology company that provides a client / family connected app focused on ensuring those with an interest in their loved ones wellbeing, can be a part of it, with ease, on demand.  Providers using hayylo can do an instant “pulse” check across their clients, can view real time feedback and utilise engagement.  One of the newer and more powerful features are hayylo reminders.  The ability for a provider to set daily living reminders for their clients to aid in recovery and assist with remembering tasks such as: Completing daily leg exercises, speech therapy treatment plan elements, and daily living prompts.

It’s one of a number of tools that are set to become the foundation of the app based technology environment clients and their advocates live in.  It’s simple, powerful and designed to help those who care for a loved one.

It goes without saying that future of sustainable support services lies in the ability to harness technology and processes that support inclusion and connectedness.

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