We spend a lot of our time visiting providers around the country, listening to their issues and getting an in-depth look at their operations and visions for the future.  We get to look at their challenges and come up with new and innovative ways to help do things faster, easier and cheaper. One thing we’ve experienced , is just how under utilised automation tools are in aged and disability care. Now don’t get us wrong, some of our providers are way ahead of the innovation curve when it comes to tools and planning for futures but others are feeling the pinch whilst still relying on paper or human based processes to facilitate their clients needs. (this can only be sustained for so long)

So what about automation? What is it? How do we get there? It’s not hard to imagine a future (not so distant) where helpful intelligent technology complements things that we do on a daily basis. A great way to look at this is, take a moment and think about repetitive tasks your team perform each day. The more systematic the task, you can almost bet an automation solution is being developed as we speak!

Here is an example that we see time and time again.

Many of the largest providers are running large teams to administer and process requests from clients. (phone calls, requests for changes, delays to schedules).  Through a lot of the work we have done, we have found that at least 85% of these enquiries can be eliminated with technology and some innovative thinking.   The vast amounts of data that are available to you from your workers smartphones such as, which client they are visiting, traffic conditions through to things that your clients prefer to do, are all easily available.  All that is needed is to harness them.

There will come a time in the not too distant future when providers will look to technology to help clients and allow them to interact in other ways. (Thats time is now!) These tools or platforms can help you minimise (or eliminate) the heavy back office costs whilst providing choice and control for your clients. Not only does this align completely to the focus on client centric approaches, its allows providers to stay cost appropriate in an ever competitive market.

Drop us a note or take a look at how you can ensure you are onboard and ready for the future of connected clients.

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