It seems, with no uncertainty, that government policies will continue to change the way residential and community based support providers access funding.  Just when we get through a recent wave of changes, we are hit again, with the next hurdle to jump.  One thing is for sure, change is inevitable, continuous and something we have no choice but to adapt to.

Over the last year, we have seen a number of significant budget cuts to aged care funding, and the introduction of the NDIS which has challenged groups to continue offering affordable care.  Banking on the things that we do know, as demand for services increases, and funding levels change, there are groups around the country taking fresh approaches that are set to slowly grow as time goes on.

Through our discussions with hundreds of providers around Australia, self management of services has, traditionally, not been easy to support, but is something clients and their families are expecting.  With over 77% of the population now having a smartphone (up from 35% in 2011), this now makes it easier for groups to offer a simple channel that allows their clients, family members, or advocates, to self manage their services.  The rise of technology has quietly delivered a message to consumers that says “If you are happy to login, click a few buttons and self serve, we will support you and help you complete your enquiry”.

This not only saves the consumer time, but means provider back office teams are slick, organised and automated.

We have groups using the hayylo intelligent platform, to fully automate delivery of services which means, even with budget cuts, it is still possible to pass on the right pricing to clients.  Proactive case management is another element that is driving significant benefits to groups using the platform as it automatically goes around and checks in on their clients.  It’s never been easier to do so much in an efficient way.

There is no silver bullet for managing budget changes, but with the right mix of innovation, process and technology, it is possible to minimise the impact to clients whilst providing a more powerful customer experience.

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