Things happen in the real world. Things we don’t anticipate. Last minute plans, people calling in sick, field staff running late. We understand it’s something we can’t change.  But what groups around the country are doing, is to be ready for these moments, and ensure communication occurs clearly and effectively.

In an ongoing consensus, 65% of family members who have a loved one receiving aged care support reported frustration around the lack of communication when services changed. It has been seen that this frustration can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and retention, whilst also increasing the effort required to manage customers and family members who are simply wanting to be communicated with.

In the same survey, most clients and family members advised they would be understanding of the changes as long as communication was clear.

So what are groups doing?

A really powerful approach groups are taking is around automated communications.  Appreciating the fact that we cannot avoid staff calling in sick or running late, what groups are doing is ensuring changes are communicated clearly and quickly.

Through the use of automatic notifications through mobile applications, SMS and phone calls, groups are quickly optimising the way they communicate and in some instances filling voids where there were previously falling down.   A new breed of intelligent platforms are being used to sit over existing systems to facilitate automated communications.

Given the fact that over 46% of clients have a family member active in arranging support services for them, the power lies in reaching the family members who are already online in large numbers and are waiting for ways to help connect and communicate around their loved one’s services.

So what’s the benefit of going all in on your customer communication?

By connecting families through automated platforms, groups are keeping people updated about service changes, allowing them to send enquiries in a few clicks, introducing self-service and even marketing new services that can be booked and paid for instantly.  The net result…saved time and money.

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