It’s a great question and one thats asked by families all over the country with a loved one in care. In todays world of busy lives, endless work hours and time poor people, how do we know our loved one’s are being cared for in the best way. Maybe they live at home far away from you, or in a facility that you are only able to visit a few times a month. Whatever the case maybe, we all need to know they’re in good hands.

So how do you know your loved one is doing? The answer lies in new forms of communication between the care provider, your loved one and you (the family). Having live and ongoing access to your loved one’s wellbeing through visual media like photos and videos, health updates and instant comments from the care team (when someone is with your loved one), lets you stay in control and aware of whats happening. The positive part of the recent changes to aged care, is that you now have more choice. Choice of who, when and how your loved one will be cared for. It means you can now demand the best and ensure your loved one is receiving the support they need and deserve.

Our mission at hayylo is to help care providers, clients and families remain connected and updated so everyone is happy.

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