In the course of our journey over the last 4 years, we’ve spent countless hours working with hundreds of providers across the country. In addition to working with some of the largest aged care providers in Australia helping them build great customer relationships, our research continues using our data insights and we wanted to share some of these with you.


We are now seeing a major push towards using new and more efficient ways to communicate with customers and the wider communities. We found the main reason for this is was to drive three focus areas:

Optimising operating costs Driving revenue Increasing customer satisfaction

So how is it possible to do this beyond what’s been done already? We’ve seen that over 75% of clients have a family member actively involved in supporting them when arranging services from a provider. In a recent project, the introduction of a fit for purpose digital channel not only helped reduce operating costs and increased CSAT, it also opened up new opportunities for revenue generation. A number of groups we work with are considering the family unit as an extension of the client and looking for ways to reach and engage them. The real opportunity that exists here, is that this group of people (family members) are 80% more likely to prefer interacting via self-service and online channels, therefore, avoiding call queues, wait times and navigating opening hours during the business day.

In addition, over 45% of family members have indicated they would, if it were a simple and transparent process, be more inclined to purchase additional services. Through a feature called “Offers”, we gave our clients an opportunity to create segmented and tailored offers for clients and their families to purchase extra top-up services when required. When we speak with families about additional services, most of them have shared the fact that they (as a family) will pool funds between siblings to support a loved one. This behaviour has driven the launch of our “family crowdfunding”, that helps families pool funds for the services they would like.

There is growing recognition that there a huge upside to digital adoption amongst clients but more so their families as it drives real revenue which is something most groups we work with are focused on. For more information on our projects or the results of our research feel free to email us at