I found myself in a familiar yet somewhat less frequent situation last week.  Whilst initially I viewed this experience as seemingly unrelated to the work we do at hayylo , it quickly revealed a lot about what clients and in general consumers are willing, keen or interested in paying for.

Moving house, is part exciting (the new beginnings aspect) however mostly a time heavy task burdened by the repeated finding of artefacts from the past that you have no choice but to reflect on whilst you should be forging ahead with the move!  We have been in this world for the past week and can tell you its not something we are keen to do again…for now.

I wanted to share our journey when it came time to connecting the essentials such as internet, power, water and gas.  It reveals something about customer expectations, perception of value and ultimately understanding something more about what customers are “actually” paying for.

Power Up

Setting up the power at the new house can be simple however, we opted to take a moment and review options instead of simply asking my existing provider to provision the new address.  What we did was:

  1. Called our existing provider and received a quote
  2. Searched new providers and reviewed quotes

Overall, pricing does vary between providers (we all know this).  Given power costs are rising, our instincts were to move forward based on cost.  We quickly saw that the 3 providers we had shortlisted were quite close pricewise, so how did we decide. One group took us completely by surprise with their process and offering:

  1. They provided fully online, half page sign-up experience (no scanning documents etc)
  2. An app was provided that gives us access to live power tracking, day by day and the option to purchase varied power options such as renewable etc.

We opted for this group even though it was the most expensive of the top 3.  The convenience and experience provided was superior and we know that through visibility (day to day tracking) we can monitor and change our behaviours.

There are some very powerful points in this seemingly vague story as it relates to customer experience:

  • Customers are expecting to interact using new and more convienient ways
  • Convenience and price couple to form key decision criteria for many customers

My takeaways were: Invest in your customers through each and every touchpoint. Things that may have previously been seen as “nice-to-have” (like an app that shows you power usage), are now expected.  Each day we are seeing more and more providers move to focus on the overall customer experience.  It’s true, there is so much complexity within Aged / Disability support businesses, so i suggest starting small with the right tools that grow as you and your clients do. Find out more about the work we do at www.hayylo.com