“Our clients are happy”, “The new upgrades to our facilities are fantastic”, “We have just installed wifi across our client homes”.  These are some of the comments we hear across the groups we work with on a daily basis.  Its great to see many groups upgrading their facilities, processes and service offerings to clients.  One of the interesting thoughts and questions we hear is, “It looks like our work is having a positive effect on our clients, so we will pause here for a while”.

Being great at anything from cooking, drawing, to running and operating a support based organisation, means never stopping, always innovating and keeping up with the ever changing world around us.  This is the most consistent recipe for success we have seen over the last 3 years working with some of the smallest and largest groups around the country. Societal, technology and cultural changes are moving so rapidly which requires groups to be constantly diligent and attentive to new ways of thinking and working.

But its not easy keeping up with change.  Most groups that we meet who have done an amazing job and keeping up with the world, tend to break down their work in to smaller “pieces” and deliver them faster.  This is how we as a company manage to stay relevant in the field of technology.  Traditionally, when we had a need to create something new or change something, we would get together, and map out exactly what we needed. This process could take weeks, or even months to complete, but hinged on the most important factor of all…that we “knew” exactly what we wanted / needed / was right.

The velocity of modern day living, means we need to, step out into the unknown, without having all the answers, dive in, test, fail and repeat until we get it right.  As Thomas A Eddison said as he was creating the light bulb “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.”  This thinking can is fundamentally powerful across any company, project or team.

Our ability to reduce waste (time/money) by learning things faster, is at the core of innovation.  Release the brakes, slowly, take smaller bites and find the answers through your projects.  Sure, things will go wrong, but this is a positive sign. Find a way something doesn’t work, quickly and effectively, will save countless hours in the long run.

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