So the time has come to create a single customer view.  If you are like the many groups who have multiple platforms, with different types of data such as client, financial, schedule etc, it can easily seem like a complex road to bring these all together to form the holy grail of customer experience… a single customer view. Aggregating your information into a simplistic centralised view for your customers, their families and the wider community, is high on the agenda for groups operating across Aged Care, Disability Care and Community Services. At hayylo we have focused on this challenge and created our platform to solve exactly this.

Can it really work with any existing platform?

Quite simply yes. And “simply” is the key word here. hayylo’s smart integration takes, transforms and presents your data in a branded mobile first (app) experience. Think of it as a “bolt-on” that sits around your world, and intelligently presents valid, in context and valuable information to your clients and their families.

Why bother?

It’s all about reducing cost whilst providing value. We have seen some of our groups save in excess of $50k per year through the implementation of our smart integration framework.  Its easy, takes a matter of weeks and your communities will be furnished with intelligent information about who’s coming to see them, when they are coming and be automatically made aware of changes. Contact us find out more at hayylo