Opening up your organisation to live and consistent customer feedback can be a scary thought. What do they really think about our services?

What about all the extra work we’ll have to do to manage the feedback?

When launching a project with a well-known provider recently, we implemented a two-way communication channel between their customer service team, clients and families. Within hours of opening the channel, the provider started to receive feedback from customers about their experience with the organisation and support staff. The feedback was both positive and of course some negative, but the management team comment that the positive feedback from customers had increased staff morale as everyone was excited to hear their work was appreciated. This also allowed the organisation to validate the success of the rollout to the wider group, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of their client’s needs.

Even the negative responses had a positive outcome, as the customer service team was able to handle the issues within minutes of the comments being made and therefore increase customer satisfaction by quickly handling the issues on the spot.

Allowing your customers to share their voice is a powerful way to increased customer satisfaction whilst capturing your customer’s needs and desires to deliver better services.

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