So the time has come to start considering a digital journey for your customers.  We see more and more groups around the country starting this process as it leads to increased satisfaction, decreased costs, and paves the way for new revenue. Preparing to launch your digital customer channel can be a complex process, hence we wanted to share some of our “secret sauce” around how we do it with various groups. We have boiled this down to three concepts to consider as you start your process:
  1. Map your customer journey
  2. Focus on customer pain points and quick win’s
  3. Partner with a team that focuses on your customer’s

Map your customer journey first

This allows you to see where and how your customers interact with your business. It focuses your team on the particular customer needs at each interaction point and shows the gaps in your customer live cycle whilst presenting new opportunities to maximize efficiency and returns. Focus on your customer pain points Discovering your true customer pain points gives you an opportunity to start to understand your customer needs. Whilst mapping their journey is paramount to starting the digital journey, knowing how they are feeling is as important, if not the most important step in the process. Remember, customers will be more than delighted with incremental change if delivered in the right way. Don’t try and solve everything at once. Choose the right technology partner Choosing the right technology partner that offers a simplistic, powerful and easily adoptable solution is essential to a successful digital customer strategy.  Customers don’t like spreadsheets and “data”, they prefer “in context” information delivered at the right times.  Keep it simple, minimal, in context and live. If you are just considering your path towards a digital journey or looking to enhance your existing approach, drop us a note. We are always happy to share stories.