When it comes to community services platforms, hayylo requires little to no introduction. Specialising in the provision of intelligent communication and customer service automation for community care providers, hayylo is announcing its engagement with NovaCare.

Beyond effectively personalising aged care service through its products and services, hayylo collates and presents data effectively across a variety of functions, increasing efficiency and lowering cost on an almost weekly basis. By automating a variety of activities, service providers are quickly feeling the positive ROI from a hayylo implementation. Given its intelligent solutions catering to the aged, the disabled, and those with mental illnesses, automated platforms are now used to bridge the gap between providers and customers.

In this regard, it comes as no surprise that leading aged care provider, NovaCare has selected hayylo to help automate customer communications and contact.

NovaCare is a leading provider of health services focused on delivery across Newcastle NSW and surrounding areas. Focusing on community-based support within Aged and Disability services, NovaCare supports over 1000 customers in Australia.

This collaboration will see hayylo provide NovaCare with their white label platform which includes mobile apps and a platform that ultimately brings them closer to those entrusted to their care. Beyond the platforms capability for increased visibility and communication, hayylo will also be pivotal at improving scheduling efficiency, driving new sources of revenue through segmented offers, and lowering operational costs.

Once of the exciting aspects of this project is the integration with Sandwai, A modern, innovative and powerful scheduling, logistics, client management, attendance and mobile software. The integration looks to seemingly connect Sandwai’s scheduling software with hayylo customer communication technology top provide NovaCare a single view for their customers.

The goal for our work with NovaCare is to help their customers interact using fast adopting digital channels such as mobile. The impacts we typically see are an overall decrease in calls from customers, a significant reduction in operating costs as communications are automated, and an additional reduction in overall enquiry time and cancellation volumes.” – Greg Satur (hayylo- CEO).

Perhaps more importantly, hayylo’s focus on improving customer experience and satisfaction, will allow NovaCare to maintain a base of loyal customers and emit a strong lure for new clients. These metrics, however, are merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the project will deliver.

It is reported that by solving basic challenges such as scheduling, communication, and marketing activity, the company’s technological solutions will exceed ROI expectations exponentially. In the near future, hayylo also plans on featuring wearable devices, sensors, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in order to enhance the services offered by providers. With all these exciting additions in store, it seems like the sky’s the limit for both hayylo and its partners.

For further media information, contact Simon Heaysman on sheaysman@hayylo.mkrst.co.com or 0433970669 About hayylo hayylo is a leading software service provider for companies focusing on aged, disability, and mental health care. Specialising in the provision of unparalleled automated customer engagement and service delivery platform, hayylo helps partners go the distance with seamlessly data aggregation, customer segmentation, communication, and automated personalised service.