With the royal commission focusing on the aged care sector set to commence shortly, providers now face an unparalleled opportunity to grow and adapt to a new era of care. Tasked with the objective of looking deep into the industry and its practices, providers are now looking to re-evaluate their tools and approaches to service delivery. While this inquiry, the highest of its kind, may seem like an inconvenience to some, it is a veiled opportunity for aged care providers to take a good look at how they can improve their operations and facilities. If you’re curious to find out what this could mean for providers and their customers, keep reading below.

Providers will be challenged to improve customer service

Given its deep investigation into the operation and activity of aged care providers in the country, it is likely that the royal commission will come back with new solutions to old problems as well as shed light on some of the darker corners of the industry. Because of this, customer engagement tools are likely to feature as part of the recommendations put forward by the royal commission. This period, therefore, represents a significant opportunity for companies to get onboard the trend towards exceptional customer service, something that has generally not been high on the agenda until now.

Providers will be called on to ensure more transparency

Given the issues that have led to the royal commission, it’s evident that calls for greater transparency are likely to be a part of their recommendations. Establishing systems that allow all parties involved in the care process to share information and collaborate are likely to be a priority. For people receiving service, solutions that allow providers to connect families, support teams and the back office are going to be essential innovations going forward.

Key takeaways

While the royal commission poses certain challenges to the sector, it nonetheless represents an opportunity for aged care providers to come out stronger. By providing customer engagement platforms and other collaboration tools, it enables them to transform services and prepare to meet the rapidly changing expectations of the customer and the community. For aged care providers keen on leveraging effective customer service, hayylo can help. Contact us today for more information.