When it comes to aged care, Australia leads the world in terms of its practices and tools. In this regard, aged care management solutions play a decisive role.

However, what other trends presently permeate the industry? What will the future hold in terms of sustainable and technological solutions for aged care services?

Our blog this week doesn’t just dive into the role aged care management solutions will play in the future of aged care. We also take a look at the trends that are likely to shape how the industry adapts to the evolving needs of the 21st Century.

New technology – home care software solutions and more

In the aged care industry, technology now plays a greater role than previously imagined. From robotic assistance supporting the work of in-home caregivers to wearable monitoring devices, new tech has transformed the way care is provided to elderly citizens. In this context, one of the most significant trends includes home care software solutions. Here, software in the form of handy, easy-to-use apps that connect caregivers and receivers are particularly noteworthy.

Such software generally includes features such as live updates and smart notifications, allowing the easy exchange of information between both caregiver and receiver. They also include immediate book and pay facilities, allowing users to schedule urgent services without any hassle or inconvenience.

In a recent survey conducted, it was found that when it comes to aged care, 80% of families felt they wanted to be more informed about services received. Given that most users of these applications are the children of the care receivers themselves, these features are prized capabilities.

With the ability to interact with clients and understand and cater to their unique needs and circumstances, customer-facing homecare software solutions are one of the biggest trends in the industry at present.

Move towards a more profitable and sustainable industry

Given the growing number of the aging population, the aged care industry is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come. Aged care, therefore, is on the cards to become both highly coveted and highly profitable.

In this regard, it is not surprising that measures to make the sector more financially appealing are already taking place and with these measures comes an increase in competition. To remain profitable and therefore competitive, all providers must evolve with the needs of their clients and add enhancements to the services they offer. Customer facing homecare software solutions are obviously the desired way for providers to enhance the customer’s experience, whilst driving operational efficiency to remain on the competitive edge of the changing landscape.

Greater demand for quality services

Akin to the kind of seamless service offered by aged care management solutions, it is clear that more and more care receivers now expect only the best form their provider.

As a generation accustomed to the comforts increases, people will undoubtedly expect nothing but the best services and tools to help manage their needs, allowing them to stay at home for as long as possible. Service providers will need to step their game up in order to remain competitive in this new-aged market.

Increased demand for aged-care professionals It is estimated that in order to meet growing demand, the aged care workforce will need to grow by 167% by the year 2050.

In order to meet this figure, human resource interventions alone might not be enough. Thus, beyond increasing incentives for work in this area and creating greater opportunities, a technological intervention will also be necessary.

As mentioned above, robotic assistants and in-home devices will likely play a greater role in the years to come, joining the ranks at understaffed facilities and remote workforce’s. Further, aged care management solutions are also likely to increase in scale, functionality, and use, assisting service providers to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Key takeaways

Considering the current demographic indicators and data, aged care is set to become a sizeable and profitable in the near future.

By paying heed to the trends set out above and honing new tech and sustainable practices, emerging as a top contender is nothing but a matter of investment and creativity. With specific tools like home care software solutions and other digital platforms, the industry and its practices will soon transform into an essential service older citizens can’t dream of living without.

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