Much like in most other industries, the aged care sector is now experiencing an increasing shift towards electronic tools and digital transformation.

Because aged care software such as mobile apps has become a key feature in most providers offerings, service providers with an eye on the future are starting to reap the rewards of this endeavour. With a reduction in operational cost, increase in scheduling efficiency, and an overall improvement in service delivery, providers now perceive aged care software like customer-facing apps as a beacon of greater growth.

Our blog this week takes a look at the concrete reasons why service providers are now turning to digital transformation.

Ease of data collection and documentation

Gathering data and collating this for easy documentation forms a huge part of the responsibility of aged care providers. By using the right tools and software, it is made an easy and hassle-free process.

Caregivers are no longer required to maintain heavy files and hard copy documents, which are susceptible to all kinds of human error and damage. Now, with tablets and other portable display devices, service providers can ensure information is entered systematically and maintained in a secure location.

Not only can this data be updated with ease, but it also streamlines the entire data gathering and storage process, cutting down on multiple inefficiencies and increasing compliance.

Greater transparency

With a Royal Commission into the aged care sector ahead, the industry is now under greater scrutiny than ever. It is imperative, therefore, that service providers increase the visibility of their operations and processes without compromising sensitive information.

Maintaining and communicating progress notes, service times and customer information is highly important for all parties concerned. Not only does a digital channel make the audit process considerably more convenient due to live updates, but it also allows providers to cut down on all kinds of losses to their business.

Research demonstrates that with the right aged care software, weekly inbound calls can be reduced by up to 23%.

Increased staff productivity and satisfaction

While certain individuals may struggle to keep up with the change from paper to technology, introducing the types of aged care software mentioned above, is likely to boost staff productivity and satisfaction.

Not only will the time taken to complete basic tasks reduce, but employees will also find their jobs less tedious with automated solutions in place. Instead of focusing on mundane administrative tasks, staff can focus their efforts and attention on providing quality service to customers.

In fact, certain software demonstrates an increase in scheduling efficiency of 27%.

Aged care companies become more adaptive and flexible Another way in which this type of software benefits providers, is that it allows them to become adaptive and flexible to new opportunities, challenges, and threats.

By adopting solutions that allow service providers to seamlessly communicate across various stakeholders, including medical professionals, patients, and their loved ones, meeting the complex demands of customers has never been easier.

Improve customer experience and engagement Another compelling factor which draws an increasing number of care providers to software solutions is that it can help improve a the customer experience.

By providing customers and their loved ones with a seamless tool with which they can communicate with service providers and access more expedient service, customer experience is not the only factor that experiences a positive upswing. Customer engagement also improves, giving companies an unparalleled competitive edge.

Key takeaways

For aged care providers looking to preempt the challenges of the future, software solutions are some of the best ways to circumvent uncertainty.

By choosing tools that assist in system integration, data collection and documentation, increase transparency, improve the productivity and satisfaction of employees, providers are able to innovate at the same pace as the customers needs change.

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