For aged care providers, automated customer communication is one of the most important trends of the decade.

Customer engagement loosely relates to the emotional and mental connection between a customer and a given brand. Highly engaged customers are willing to spend more on services, promote a particular service provider, and demonstrate greater loyalty. Customer engagement, therefore, plays a crucial role in a customer’s experience with a particular business.

In an age where technology is used to improve lives, using it to engage customers effectively is essential. For aged care providers, this is even more so, given the current changes to the market. Our blog this week delves into the specifics on what aged care companies stand to gain through automated customer engagement.

Automated customer engagement improves a customer’s overall experience.

At a time where customers are more knowledgeable and rightfully demand high-quality service, customer experience is now at the forefront of every business.

According to KPMG, around 82% of survey respondents turn away from a business because of a bad experience,

85% of which reported they would warn others to stay away. In the same survey, it was demonstrated that 85% of people are willing to pay around 25% more for excellent customer service. This indicates that with the right kind of engagement and services, customers become less inclined to move providers along their journey as well as pay for extra services when needed. It is hayylo’s goal to equip community care providers with the tools to seamlessly connect and interact with their customers, these tools lead to an increase in overall customer satisfaction. Not only do they make access to additional services more convenient, they also drive higher conversion from CHSP to HCP clients. Improving user experience, therefore, specifically through automated customer engagement, needs to be high on every company’s list of priorities. Beyond just helping businesses maintain a loyal customer base, it also drives individuals to interact more with the services on offer. It saves organisational resources Another pull towards greater engagement and communication is in terms of the savings aged care providers can enjoy. With purpose-built automated customer engagement platforms, the interaction between providers and clients are faster and more convenient. By saving the time and effort spent scheduling at home visits, finding out which services are required, what supplies are needed, and the like, more time can be spent ensuring the delivery of the right services at the right time. With automated platforms, customers can be kept updated about their service plan with the tap of a few buttons. It can increase targeted sales and profit Another factor that makes automated customer engagement compelling is that it can increase targeted sales and profit. What this means is that through efficient and secure data collection, aged care companies are privy to the specific habits and needs of individual users. In this regard, it becomes easier to identify which added services can help improve the lives of customers. With this knowledge in hand, targeted efforts to increase sales and tailored service delivery becomes effortless.

By targeting the right kind of services at the right time, clients feel like their provider understands their unique needs, ultimately, making them more willing to share their positive experience with friends and family.

Key takeaways

Automated customer engagement is a trend aged care providers cannot afford to miss out on.

In an age where customers want greater access to services, shunning technological improvements such as this will only result in a loss of competitive edge.

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