After a few days of riding the wave of hayylo winning the ITAC2018 awards, we have begun to reflect on the event and some of the insights gained from the industry leaders, we were lucky enough to have met and spoken to. What we saw was an industry on the verge of something great, with an optimism and desire to collaborate that was simply inspiring.

Obviously and yes with some bias, we thought the focus on start-ups was a great addition to the conference. It gave companies like hayylo an opportunity to connect and share experiences with new groups like CareApp, AbiBird, Lumin, Billy, Conpago, Umps Health and Care Page. The conference also combined these fresh young startups and new bread consumer technologies with some of the more established technologies and the industry was more than open to the positives that collaboration could bring.

It’s was a testament to groups like innovAGEING and ITAC who are driving the conversation around innovation and helping providers accelerate leanings and their ability to adapt to the now fast-moving consumer-driven market of care. Leanings like, the flexibility multi-system and platform integrated environments can support.

The future of age care is here and its youthful, inspired and driven, but with the same compassion, care and desire to put people first, that comes from the industries roots in NFP, religious and social services. We felt welcomed and warmed by the response from established groups like ionMy who have been providing government, risk management and compliance technology to the industry for 13 years and Vertel who provide critical communication networks. It just goes to show, the industry is ready for change and is opening new ways to enhance it’s already impressive workforce, compliance, clinical and financial technologies. With the push to cloud computing, exhibitors like blueAPACHE are leading the way by creating digital and cloud infrastructure that providers can build on, supporting connected consumer tools like hayylo and enabling a smooth transition into a future-proof state, post the recent instability and flux the industry has felt due to government change.

As most providers are now coming to the end of their internal business and supporting technology reviews or have already implemented the scheduling, finance and data management systems that support the recent changes, the focus is now shifting to consumer products and concepts like well-being, which we see to be one of the next evolution of technology in the space to drive deep value.

We are looking forward to sharing the hayylo story and have been left optimistic that we are all well placed to solve the challenges the sector faces in the decades to come and that through strategic collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, we can build a future we can be proud of.

A special mention to Merlin from innovAGEING and Jane Murray and the team form ITAC for their continued work connecting providers with technology and practices that will shape the next 20 years of care services in Australia. They along with many others made our first conference and awards night an inspiring and humbling experience.

Congratulations again to all the nominees and massive thank you again to integratedlivng Australia for their support and submission to the awards.