Australia has a growing ageing population. Challenged to continue providing quality aged care with limited resources, the explosion of smart technologies presents an opportunity to improve and streamline services for elderly people living at home. There’s a lingering misconception, however, that older people are dis-empowered and frail, unable or unwilling to embrace technology like their younger counterparts.

While a growing ageing population brings unique challenges, it appears uptake of technology is not one of them. According to Accenture’s 2016 Survey of 7,840 consumers, the majority of those aged 65 years and over use technology to manage their health. Use of smartphones is also on the rise. Compared to previous years, the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey reported the largest growth in smartphone use in 2018 in 55+ age group.

Innovative solutions like hayylo already support the elderly to remain independent for longer. hayylo is a customer experience platform built specifically for the aged, disability and home health care sector to facilitate and enhance communication between care providers and their customers. The hayylo self-branded app features real-time service scheduling information, customer feedback and query capability, and personalised service offers. Customers actively manage their care and can share information with their loved ones via the app.

hayylo leads by example on how our tech-savvy older generation can benefit from smart technology that promotes health and well-being. A systematic review by the Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society identified that technology still needs to promote social impact, independent living and tailored assistance to improve health benefits for the elderly. hayylo customers report a stronger connection with family and friends through the app. The app promotes customer autonomy and real-time communication. For customers, these features have resulted in reduced anxiety and increased feelings of control due to self-management, addressing technological gaps in eldercare service provision.