Over the past 6 months, we have seen some topics garner close attention across the Community Care groups we work with, and the Royal Commission has done a lot to highlight some pressing areas of concern.

We have been looking at what groups and organisations do to ensure that they preserve the health and vitality of their community. We want to take a moment to share some of the more positive and commonly unsung efforts undertaken by the teams working to support these vulnerable people.

There is a strong commonality in all the successful examples, and that commonality is a strong focus on the frontline. The support staff working with members of our community are a continual point of contact and the face of their organisations. When given access to the right tools, and supported with the right training, these individuals become the backbone of their communities. 

Now, if this is what empowerment looks like, how do we ensure that we see more of it?

The key theme is coordination. The closer that we can get to a seamless coordination of care providers, their staff, and the community they support, the more empowered our organisations and communities will be to enact positive and lasting care.

The beneficial effects of providing an exceptional level of care are compound across the board. Happy customers provide positive feedback, and this serves as reinforcement to the providers efforts. The back office spends less time reacting, and stays on the front foot.

We have seen a strong affirmative response to the empowering effect of being granted access to a new way of doing things. Through the use of the hayylo platform, our customers can connect and coordinate all the moving parts, ensuring a healthier and happier environment for all involved.

Carers and staff visiting a client are never left in the dark about who last visited and what occurred over the course of that visit. The client isnt left to make sure that communication between their carers and their families stays clear and open on their own, and the complexities of finance, billing, and interfacing with other platforms are all made easier to handle.

We see a positive path forward for the community services at large, and it is made possible through communication and coordination. We at hayylo have seen this, and we have stayed proactive by connecting all the moving parts into a unified interface. Our customers, their families, the support staff, and the organisations that bring them together, are empowered by these means, and that is what we want to see more of.

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