We make data integration a breeze when you decide to come on board with hayylo. That’s because we have extensive experience with a diverse range of back end systems, tools and platforms that are commonly created for, and used by, aged, disability and home health care providers. No system is too complex for the hayylo team – we specialise in delivering custom configurations based on your organisation’s unique needs and budget. All you need is to answer some questions about your data, and hayylo does the rest.

hayylo provides stepwise guidance through consultation sessions during deployment, so that we get to know your systems thoroughly. Once we agree on an initial implementation fee that covers for professional services required to integrate, configure and set up the platform, we get to work.

hayylo’s first session will be with your team of IT and operations staff, and your data analyst, to determine where your data sits. In another session we’ll map your business processes. Once we have a clear picture of your data environment, we build the integration using our API’s, validate and fully test it. Following successful testing, hayylo integrates with your previously fragmented systems to create automated workflows and a consolidated customer view.

hayylo integrates with any system on the market, even if it’s one we haven’t previously worked with. We do this day in, day out, so we’re really good at it. We guide you at each step of the data integration process and work with you to map out the key information we need to make it happen. We then do all the hard work behind the scenes so that you can finally enjoy your new streamlined, automated hayylo customer experience platform.

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