Transitioning to a novel software platform in a busy work environment can be challenging, even when it’s clear your team will benefit from the change. That’s why hayylo works closely with you to scope, configure and launch the platform, keeping you engaged at every step.

Scope it, configure it
hayylo gets to know your business processes through a series of sessions with your operations team, your IT and data analyst staff and marketing team. We want to know all about your data environment so we can map your business processes and configure them to how they will need to look on the platform. Next comes the fun part – we build the integration, validate and test it end to end.

Have a play
At this stage, mobile apps are branded according to your specs and deployed, and we begin implementation and staff training on how to use the platform. We don’t just throw staff in the deep end, we let them become familiar and confident with the platform first, and make sure we field all their questions prior to launch.

Go live!
During the launch, hayylo stays on the ground with your team so you’re fully supported. This is the time to invite your community – spread the word to ensure customers and their loved ones start benefiting from the project.

Continued check-ups
For the first few months post-launch, we provide ongoing weekly management information, so your team can see how things are progressing. We also host monthly service reviews with your team to share insights and see how your business is changing, so we can continually tune the platform to your changing needs. Transitioning to a new system doesn’t have to be complicated. From concept to launch, hayylo keeps it smooth and simple.  Request a demo today.