There are many elements to digital transformation success, however one of the most compelling and powerful ones we see is around partnership. Driving a successful project requires a depth of understanding from all teams, partners and groups involved.

Over the many projects we have delivered, one of the stand out items we see is around depth and scope of knowledge. When fusing innovation, with people and processes, a shared understanding of the goal and its success criteria / nuances are critical.

As an example, we recently worked on a project where the reporting team (an external company) have deep experience across community services. This proved to be a valuable source of insights and knowledge for the project as we worked through the delivery.

Partnering with a group that not only achieves your technology requirements but understands your world can be powerful. So what else works?


One of the most overlooked elements to digital transformation is the human element. Change management can be difficult across wide geographically distant organisations. A key element to success we see are business “Champions”. Engaging early in the project lifecycle with people from various parts of your business will not only ensure functional gaps are minimised, but what happens is you get a groundswell going. People talk, its unavoidable, however with early insight and support from “champions” they will feel empowered and start sharing the project with their co-workers.

When it comes to project delivery, having champions across your business, decreases the rate of change management push back as peers look to each other for support…rather than up towards management.

Transformation can be uncomfortable

By nature of the word itself, it implies a shift from where we are today into a tomorrow that will be re-born. Said another way, significant change is ahead. There are ways to guide your projects from concept to adoption and beyond into continuous improvement, whilst making it easy for your teams to adapt. Our philosophy is around transparency and openness. Share more, involve more and the results will speak for themselves.