Across community services, any leader, manager or team member who’s company excels, understands the value of the customer experience and with it the relationship between the customer experience and future revenue is apparent. When we reflect on this, we see the challenge is providing excellent customer service, while keeping costs down.

At the Ageing Asia 7th Annual Eldercare awards, the hayylo customer experience platform, was announced as winner for Best Smart Care Solution.  This is focused on the value that the platform has provided in terms of optimisation across the groups we work with. It is because, the systems and tools that aged care providers use to support their customers, has a significant impact on both the customer / business outcomes and associated costs.

Why is teamwork important?

When we take a look at some of the highest performing teams, we see some common traits:

  • Decreased customer contacts and time per contact
  • Increased customer satisfaction & worker satisfaction
  • Increased opportunity to provide additional programs and services

When groups are working in union, where team members easily and at a glance, can understand where problems lay, is a critical element to success

The right tools help this significantly. Within the hayylo platform, the integrated workflow and customer service platform, moves groups away from shared inboxes, into a structured, ticketed and tracked platform that drives:

  • Accountability & Visibility: Team members can see more and hence are more accountable.
  • Increased Reach: Automation lets teams know what’s happening and when they are needed.
  • Customer Service Excellence: As teams excel, customers in turn feel the difference and become more connected to the organisation.

Prior to hayylo teams typically used email as the primary customer service communication tool. The lack of categorisation, tracking, searching and ability to easily link interactions to customers, means a personalised experience is more challenging to create.

Why are personalised experiences important?

Customers more and more, are measuring the groups they interact with based on the customer experience. They expect to be interacted intelligently. Said simply, they expect their providers to have the right insight, information and context whenever they contact them for assistance. It is this area that high performing teams, using hayylo have focused. Using automated workflows that advise teams when they have a task, to measuring the time it takes to complete various categories such as Service Changes, or New Admissions, are critical to understanding where to focus as a team.

In addition, managers can now easily see what tasks are behind schedule and escalate them immediately to ensure service levels are maintained and customer promises fulfilled.

The true value of intelligent customer service  is far reaching across the entire organisation. Customers expect a seamless experience whenever they interact with their health provider.  How are your teams ensuring customer promises are met?