Canberra based provider Goodwin Aged Care embarks on transformation and innovation with hayylo. With a long-standing reputation as a leading provider within the aged care sector, Goodwin’s choice to implement the hayylo platform comes as a welcome development in their ongoing commitment to providing an excellent standard of care.

Purpose built for aged, disability, and home health care environments, hayylo assists organisations to streamline the communication between teams and to customers by opening digital communication channels. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the hayylo platform generates improvements across key operational metrics for community care providers.

With increases in overall customer satisfaction, reductions in contact rates and improvements in net promoter scores, hayylo brings value to the customer experience at the point of interaction by furthering the ability of Goodwin’s teams to communicate their efforts.

Goodwin Aged Care Services have been in operation for more than 60 years and have demonstrated a strong commitment to providing services that maintain the dignity and health of their customers. The new partnership will bring the benefits of the hayylo platform to the teams, customers and families of Goodwin, streamlining and elevating what is already a highly regarded aged care service.

When asked about their new partnership with hayylo, Executive Manager Community Care Jamie Fillingham said:

“We are so excited to be working with hayylo in enhancing our customer experience within the community care business at Goodwin Aged Care Services.  Having this platform in place will not only elevate further our great customer experience that we provide but will also improve the overall business efficiency so we can focus on the activities of what are important – providing excellent quality service delivery to our clients”.

hayylo CEO, Greg Satur, has said that:

“Engaging with a forward thinking team, ready to try new ways of supporting service delivery across home care is exciting.  The Goodwin team have been excellent to work with and are driven by their customer centric focus ”.

Fuelled by a commitment to excellence in their provision of care and informed by a willingness to press for innovation, Goodwin look set to take the strengths of the hayylo platform to their customers and are well prepared for the years to come. Together, the two organisations are poised for a collaborative effort that will see each grow and evolve with the needs of the sector.

hayylo is a leading software service provider for companies focusing on aged, disability, and home health care. Specialising in the provision of unparalleled automated customer engagement, hayylo helps partners go the distance with seamless data aggregation, customer segmentation, and automated personalised communication.