Building on the successes of their ongoing collaboration, NovaCare Aged Care Newcastle and hayylo have confirmed a new two-year deal to bring greater innovative developments to the NovaCare community. The ongoing partnership has seen innovation as the standard across their shared projects, driving value for their customers via enhanced levels of communication and coordination.

With a focus on community-based support within the aged, disability, and home health care services, the Newcastle based provider NovaCare supports over 1,000 customers. They have now taken a step further in their commitment to the development and implementation of new and innovative technologies, a step that is testament to the success of the partnership to date.

NovaCare have set the bar high for other care providers, securing for themselves early releases of technology that will help develop and push the sector to look at how they may address the greater focus on transparency, coordination, and support that the Royal Commission has inspired.

The deepening of the two organisations relationship speaks to the value of the partnership and the trust that NovaCare is placing in the hayylo platform to continue to deliver on their innovation goals. Their shared efforts will continue to fuel the provision of an excellent standard of care and an elevated customer experience in the years to come.

The new innovation partnership looks set for an early win with the development of a voice-first virtual assistant. Integrated with hayylo, this solution will make the platform available to NovaCare customers who lack the dexterity to use smartphones or tablets. By enabling voice-first interactions with the hayylo platform, the partnership hopes to bring greater accessibility to a wider section of the NovaCare customer base.

“Technology is an enabler for great teams, and NovaCare are one of these teams, pushing forward to enhance their services.” said hayylo CEO, Greg Satur. “At a time when our industry is calling for new ways to support a rapidly growing demand, I reflect on the continued partnership with NovaCare as something that will further support sustainability across our communities.”

Continuing the drive for value across their customer base, NovaCare CEO Joseph McCarthy said that “”At NovaCare we are very focused on improving the methods of our communications  and business processes both to and from our Customers. Our ongoing partnership with hayylo will enable us to be at the forefront of enhancing our customers experiences which we are delighted about.”

The broader aged care services industry stands to benefit from the partnership, as hayylo and NovaCare have fostered opportunities for innovation and development that will carry on out to providers across the aged, disability, and home health care sectors in the years to come. Working with NovaCare has already done a great deal to deepen the capabilities of the hayylo platform and will continue to do so throughout their partnership.

hayylo is a award winning technology provider for companies focusing on aged, disability, and mental health care. Specialising in the provision of unparalleled automated customer engagement and engaging with over 50,000 elderly customer across the country, is now the leading customer communications and experience platform in aged care.