How tech is helping in the fight against Covid-19

From AI, to 3D printing, wearable tech and connectivity – the fight is on!

The tech industry is known for its ability to quickly scale, adjust and pivot focus – it’s what we do. And during the days of the fight against Covid-19 we are moving faster than ever. From artificial intelligence to reduce the load on healthcare systems, 3D printing to fill gaps in medical supply chain gaps, wearing tech to more quickly identify potential Covid-19 cases, right through to ensuring continuity of connection, tech is doing its part in the fight. Here’s a few examples highlighting the ability of adaption and working together as a global community.




IBM and AI

To support governments and individuals, IBM has launched it’s Watson Assistant for Citizens Campaign. Engaging its artificial intelligence system, Watson, this campaign aims to reduce overwhelm on local governments and healthcare services that are being inundated with phone calls in relation to Covid-19. IBM is supplying natural language processing and AI capable packaged chatbots to automate processes and offer answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Already deployed in 17 countries around the world, see Watson in action here




HP and 3D Printing

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is mobilising its network of manufacturing partners around the world to increase Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) production. Some of the unique 3D-printed products include mask adjusters and face shield brackets designed to aid in the comfort of wearing these items for extended periods of time. Another innovation is 3D-printed hands- free door openers allowing healthcare professionals to open doors with an elbow or forearm, reducing the risk of Covid-19 contamination. And the most exciting bit? HPE instructions are available online and free to download.

In fact, HPE has signed the Open COVID Pledge, granting free access to all of its patented technologies for the purpose of diagnosing, preventing, containing and treating COVID-19. You can learn more here




Oura and Wearable Tech

Oura, a wellness wearable technology manufacturer, has got involved in the fight against Covid-19 in a unique way. As part of sponsoring a study at the University of California, they have donated more than 2000 Oura Rings – wearable tech with the capacity to collect body temperature, heart rate and other date in order to hopefully identify cases of coronavirus early on. This branch of the fight is focused on helping to pinpoint infected healthcare workers fast – and therefore reduce the risk of spreading the virus. You can learn more about the UCSF Health and Oura study here




Hayylo and Connection

Across the globe, aged care homes have had to close their doors to visitors, disability services are reduced, and home carers are an essential service operating in a climate of fear.

Staff across all these services are working around the clock to care for the needs – physically and emotionally – of their residents and patients, and they are overwhelmed. Balancing the needs of teams, customers and loved ones is tricky but here at Hayylo we’re dedicated to the fight. Our technology allows teams to automate and streamline communications and services, allows customers, loved ones and providers to maintain connection. You can see a demo of Hayylo here 

While for some the fight against Covid-19 is on the frontlines in hospitals and labs, for others it’s simply staying, working and learning at home, but for the tech industry it’s ensuring that we adapt quickly to changing needs.