Hayylo, an award-winning customer experience platform specialising in aged care, closes capital raise in the midst of a global pandemic and dire economic climate. With market conditions for capital raising low and investors understandably anxious, the raise which included Agnes Investments and Sprint Ventures, is a beacon of hope to other start-ups, especially within the social services and aged care industry.

Investors saw the potential in this innovative team and technology which helps community care organisations to communicate, collaborate and never miss a customer promise, leading to an impressive 12 week raise. Agnes Investments has an impressive background in backing Aged Care tech solutions, while hayylo represents the first investment from the newly formed Aged Care arm of Sprint Ventures.

Following personal experience with the complexities of interacting with home care services and a lack of interactive technology to do so, the founders of Hayylo became passionate about their vision to help people remain independent and in their homes longer by staying connected to their services, community, family and care provider.

“It’s really inspiring to see support for the aged care industry from investors in the wake of the Royal Commission and COVID-19.  There is such socio-economic value in supporting this industry and being a part of the major transformation that is taking place today”.

“Our goal is simple, which is to help the worlds best health teams, communicate and engage.  There is so much value we can return to customers through elegant communications” 

Greg Satur, Co-founder at Hayylo

If the current challenges of Covid-19 have taught us anything it is the overwhelming need for connection – to support, to services and providers, and to each other. As the sector looks to overcome this and the challenges outlined by the royal commision, community care organisations are now embracing customer facing technology like never before, aiding them in their duties, keeping customers and loved ones connected, as well as streamlining and automating their operations.

Hayylo’s impressive growth across 2019 and into 2020 has seen them double in size, and is another example of a sector responding to the changing needs of the community and the challenge we all face to meet them. 

Supporting tens of thousands of elderly customers, and enterprise teams nationally, Hayylo is set to accelerate its growth and breathe of capabilities, with a fast growing list of innovative providers including, integratedliving Australia, Churches of Christ Queensland, NovaCare, Lifecare, Goodwin Aged Care and many more.

Winner of ITAC2018, an Elder Care Award and also in 2019, Bentleys’ Carefactor Aged Care Accelerator Program (https://www.bentleys.com.au/carefactor), the Hayylo platform is customer focused and fully customisable to suit each unique organisation. It encourages and maximises communication, engagement and collaboration across health care services which is a top priority for providers across the sector. 

Our spokesperson is available for interviews and photo opportunities if required.