Communication is about more than updating an appointment time (yes, that’s important); it’s about connection, it’s about caring for each other, it’s about humanity.

Our providers know that while being more efficient and productive is essential for their business, the ability to form and nurture relationships, conversations and connections is just as important. This is why our team has worked so hard on ensuring that our latest feature is intuitive and human at its very core.

Hayylo’s Campaign feature is taking communications to a whole new level. It allows healthcare teams to broadcast important, timely (even emergency) communications to anyone, on any channel.

Campaigns is a multi-channel feature. Need to send out SMS blasts to every single carer on your team? No problem. Want to send out custom offers via the app to a segment of your customers? We can help you do that. You can even keep everyone update through email newsletters and surveys, through seamless integration with your email platform.

Customers and teams will never again miss an update. They’ll be informed at multiple touchpoints, they’ll be kept in the loop, they’ll get to use the communication channel they prefer.

Hayylo Alert – When time is of the essence, Campaigns allows you to quickly push out urgent messages such as extreme weather or health warnings.

Segmentation is where it’s at

Hyper-refine your campaigns and make sure your messages are going to the right people. Not only can you create customer audiences lists of different teams, support workers, customers and family members, the Hayylo platform allows you to filter a segment based on customer groups or locations, when certain audience members were last contacted, what services they receive and even if they have any unspent funds in the budget.

An example: Should an upcoming event be of interest to customers that have previously attended art classes, our segmentation process allows you to send out an offer to join – to only those customers. This creates a more personalised customer experience.

Hayylo Actions

Channel Surfing

Not everyone checks their email 24/7 – weird right? Not everyone enables push notifications on their phone – the very idea! Not everyone likes receiving text messages – it’s true!

And this is why we’ve designed the Hayylo Campaign features to work across a multitude of channels. Depending on the type of message or content you want to push out, you can easily select the right communication channel for your campaigns – SMS, email or offers that can be booked and paid for via your organisation’s branded app.

As an added bonus – we also collect and update customer and team communication preferences automatically – this means your team doesn’t have to worry about doing this manually

An example: Should an emergency alert need to be communicated to customers, families and entire support teams, it can be sent it out via SMS, email and your branded app all at once so everyone is informed – regardless of each individual’s preference communication channel.

Hayylo Actions

Hayylo Promote – Offer new services and programs through Campaigns with one-click buttons so customers can instantly access these new promotions.

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But wait, there’s more…

With enhanced messaging like Push, Media and Voice coming soon, the new ‘Campaigns’ feature is part of the core Hayylo experience. Only the SMS message costs are passed through to our clients.


Intelligent self-branded software and provider branded apps ensure customer interactions are centralised, creating exceptional customer service. Continuous customer insights develop into rich customer profiles which further enhance their experience.

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