Available across July , we are excited to introduce the new and improved Hayylo Actions and intelligent SMS chat across the platform.

Hayylo Actions

Why did we do this? 

We know how hard it can be managing all of the tasks and enquiries you get each day. Most teams have to receive the enquiry, action it and then make a phone call to complete it, let alone the admin. 

Some teams are using a seperate system to send out SMS which takes time and some are even using personal devices to have important conversations with customers. We also know how much time it takes to wait for a call back from customers around decisions needed.  

So now with the new enhancements you can have SMS conversations straight from the Hayylo platform in either the Actions or the Client container.

Hayylo Actions

What does that mean for you?

You can now send and forget, no more waiting for that call back. Simply start the conversation and Hayylo will notify you when they reply so you can keep working on the next task. 

Tickets can even be created via SMS from customers, families and teams that are sent to your inbox to action or a conversation can be started from the client container.  

It’s all about ensuring you never miss a customer promise.

Ask your account manager about turning on Actions SMS today.