Innovation in aged care has been accelerated during COVID-19 as aged care providers look to technology to swiftly manage communications in the case of outbreaks and changes to restrictions. 

Like many of us, aged care providers have been utilising technology like Zoom and FaceTime for video calls but now with Australian platform Hayylo, they can bring all of their communication into the one place allowing them to meet one of the biggest challenges in aged care. Hayylo streamlines the need to be efficient and maintain effective communication between customers and their circle of care including their family, and their providers. 

Reaching out to Hayylo, the Goodwin Aged Care team quickly highlighted their desire to expand their offering to their community saying,

“We have been driving innovation in our businesses but the COVID-19 outbreak certainly brought our plans forward. We were using Hayylo in our home care services to connect customers, care providers, and families but when COVID-19 hit we acted quickly to implement it across our entire care business to manage emergency communications in the event of an outbreak.”

Jamie Fillingham, Goodwin Executive Director Care

Like Hayylo, Goodwin believes that every person should have quality of life and the opportunity to stay productive in their community.

Beyond that, the focus of Goodwin and it’s collaboration with Hayylo centres on:

1. Need to communicate efficiently with families in the event of an outbreak.
2. Keep families connected to loved ones in lockdown
3. Prepare for events like this in the future
4. Reducing calls due to increased communication.

Goodwin has implemented the use of Hayylo’s intelligent communications technology, to connect their homecare customers, families, and team to interact with their services. Post wave one of COVID-19, Goodwin has now rolled out Hayylo across their residential teams to reduce social isolation and communicate outbreaks if they should occur. 

“We have found that providers using the platform achieve on average a 20% reduction in customer phone calls and a 70% reduction in short notice cancellations. Hayylo gives customers transparency and trust, choice and control, open and clear communication, independence, and community with 60% customers saying they feel more connected to their families because of Hayylo.”

Simon Heaysman, Hayylo Co-Founder

Fuelled by a commitment to excellence in their provision of care and informed by a willingness to press for innovation, Goodwin look set to take the strengths of the Hayylo platform to their customers and are well prepared for the years to come. Together, the two organisations are poised for a collaborative effort that will see each grow and evolve with the needs of the sector.

“Using Hayylo has been really easy and a great way for us to manage the appointments with mum. One of the biggest challenges has been my husband and I know what’s happening each day and managing mum with any changes. Hayylo has certainly made that a lot easier and given us some peace of mind.”

Jacqueline Chalkers, Goodwin home care customer family member

Purpose built for aged, disability, and home health care environments, Hayylo assists organisations to streamline the communication between teams and to customers by opening digital communication channels. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the Hayylo platform generates improvements across key operational metrics for community care providers.

With increases in overall customer satisfaction, reductions in contact rates and improvements in net promoter scores, Hayylo brings value to the customer experience at the point of interaction by furthering the ability of Goodwin’s teams to communicate their efforts.

There are numerous aged care providers around the country – including Lifecare, Mercy Services, Churches of Christ in Queensland, NovaCare, Integratedliving and Prestige Inhome Care – using Hayylo in their service and customer networks to effectively prepare for and manage potential outbreaks and changes to government restrictions. Hayylo is playing a vital role during COVID-19 with communications the key to the successful management of outbreaks with our population who are most vulnerable and at risk.