Digital communication is constantly evolving, seemingly faster than ever in a world in self-isolation. 

The development in communication means the quantity of platforms has increased, but it’s up to the provider to ensure the quality increases too. While modern communication has developed to take countless forms, most can be distinguished as either synchronous or asynchronous.


It’s happening in real time. It could be a phone call, or a video conference – it’s an immediate exchange and is perfect for problems that need immediate attention.


Communication can happen over a longer period of time. Customers can set the pace, and providers can have multiple conversations at once.

In the past, asynchronous was seen as ineffective due to the lag time between communication. Snail mail took too long, and it wasn’t very personal. The rapid development of communication platforms has changed that, and the attitude towards asynchronous communication is turning a new leaf.

Asynchronous communication allows service providers to open and manage multiple service tickets simultaneously. Hayylo’s Actions SMS allows providers to talk with multiple customers, and resolve multiple issues, with the pace set by the customer. This also allows both the provider and the customer to hold a permanent record of the service discussion. This means more accessible information for the customer, and allows the provider to follow up on the ticket once the issue is resolved, so the customer knows they are in good hands. Asynchronous communication allows customers and support teams to be proactive instead of reactive and this is key to driving economic sustainability across community services.

The nature of aged care means urgency is part of the job. When urgent issues arise, they require urgent care which is where lies the value of synchronous communication. Real-time service means you can ensure a customer is in good hands, and resolve an issue as it occurs. And for the less urgent issues, sometimes it’s nice to hear a voice. Technology doesn’t come so easy to the older generation, and it’s important to provide person-to-person support. Direct, real time communication is paramount to building relationships with customers.

At Hayylo, we know that when asynchronous and synchronous communication rely on each other, it creates a superior, efficient and tailored customer experience. Hayylo’s allows the care team to manage multiple customer conversations simultaneously. Strategic and streamlined communications allows care teams to manage their time more efficiently, and focus on the customers needs.

No matter how a customer prefers to communicate, Hayylo simplifies the communication process and allows providers to manage customer requests effectively. Build long-lasting relationships with real-time care, and efficient resolutions with Hayylo.