Everybody has a slightly different definition of what makes quality customer service, because everybody is slightly different in how they communicate.

Digital communication has created multiple ways to connect with a customer which ensures effective, personalised connections with everytime. These innovations to customer service technology are revolutionising the aged care industry, and make it simpler to provide quality service.

At Hayylo, we believe there are four key contributors to ensuring all service is quality service:

Multi-Channel Communication

Some customers like to talk, some customers like to type. Offering multiple communication channels means customers can choose their preferred way of connecting, so providers can optimise their service.


Nothing is more frustrating for customers than receiving mixed messages. Ensuring a straightforward customer journey is paramount to providing quality customer service.


Repetition is annoying for customers and providers alike. It’s important that providers take a collaborative approach to customer knowledge so a customer never feels unvalued, unknown, and insignificant.


The days of ‘take a number’ are well and truly over. A customer should never feel dispensable. Personalised service means levelling with a customer, adopting their voice, and never leaving loose ends.

Customer service technology, like Hayylo, is transforming an industry that has a reputation for lagging behind in technological innovation. The Australian Medical Association acknowledges that technological innovations are necessary if aged care is to be improved. Enhanced digital communication in aged care, like Hayylo, gives providers an opportunity to meaningfully connect with aged care customers providing quality, tailored care.

Collaborative customer health records

The nature of digital communication means there is a collaborative approach to care. Innovative platforms like Hayylo allow entire care teams to communicate instantly, allowing for timely updates to be sent across an entire team. Health is of primary importance in aged care, and it can change rapidly. Instant digital communication equips teams with timely information about the state of a customer’s health. Collaborative care makes it easier to provide quality care.

Provide independence to customers

Customer service technology simplifies the process of connecting with service teams to request changes and clarify updates. Involving the customer in the provision of their own care gives control to their customers, returning not only independence to the customer but also dignity and respect. This innovative approach ensures providers are meeting the expectations set by the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Creating a Community of Care

Aged care is a family affair. Customer service technology facilitates customers and their families to remain informed without the hassle of separate communication. In traditional aged care, families are often left wondering about the quality of care their loved ones received. Inclusive communication means families are in-the-know, providing full faith in the services received by their loved ones.

With the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Service, the aged care sector is feeling the push towards innovation and improvement. Customer service technology presents unmissable opportunities to aged care providers to optimise their services. By enhancing communication with platforms like Hayylo, it reduces manual tasks for staff while improving service for customers and their families.

Hayylo’s multi-channel approach to customer service means we are able to reach 100% of customers and families on their preferred channel. Hayylo helps organisations provide quality care with streamlined communication and collaborative software.