When clients can’t make head nor tail of their allocated HCP Budget or even NDIS Budget – we all know that bad outcomes are looming for everyone involved. Clients become confused, stressed and anxious over their lack of understanding, disengaged with their services – and that leads to lack of trust and confidence in the services you provide, constant billing enquiries, constant explaining and re-explaining, packages are left unspent.

It’s a frustrating and highly common experience throughout all community and disability care providers in Australia. 
“How much of my allocated budget has been used? What other services can I use any unspent funds on? Will I be penalised if I wish to change what I want to use my budget for?”. These are questions that community and disability care providers deal with on a daily basis. 
To foster greater trust and confidence with clients – and to have optimal engagement of services (and a far less administrative burden for the Care Coordination team), a new approach to how we communicate Budgets, Invoices and Statements to clients is required – fast! 

A large group of these clients come from a generation of people raised with the notion of saving for a rainy day. This mentality has produced a service where unspent package funds have been increasing for the last three years. The ACFA (Aged Care Financing Authority) estimates an approximate $1 billion in funds being held by providers. In June 2019, providers recorded $751 million in unspent package funds, up from the previous year with $539 million. 

A better way to manage aged, disability and community care budgets

How to understand aged care budgets

‘How much of my allowance has been used?’ ‘How much do I have left?’ ‘What does that mean?’

Hayylo answers these questions before customers have the chance to ask them. Hayylo delivers a branded app for providers and their customers with friendly charts that are connected with the providers financial systems to provide real-time information to customers and their families. 

The charts display the percentage of a budget’s use and how much is remaining in an easy-to-understand fashion. This way, customers know exactly how much of their remaining budget they have access to and what the coming months look like. Customers are even able to request a call or SMS in their preferred channel – that means no more elevator music for customers on the hold line. 

A good budget is a budget well spent

Providing easy-to-use, tailored budgeting information means customers are able to remain more independent, informed, and confident in their care. Having this information allows a customer to take control of their service and make more requests thereby utilising their remaining budgets more efficiently. 

This also creates an opportunity for providers to use the Hayylo Campaigns feature to promote offers to a tailored audience. Customers having a better understanding of their own finances means they will be more comfortable with spending the remaining budget instead of saving it for a rainy day. 

The fact is: aged, disability and community care budgets should not be hard to understand once Hayylo solves the headache that is financial administration. As a provider, trying to coordinate with a customer involves a lot of hours of back and forth communication, and these efforts are doubled when the family gets involved.

With Hayylo, customers are more comfortable managing and utilising their monthly budget all in a single, intuitive space. For example: providers can suggest and enable the purchase of extra services straight from the app based on the outstanding balance. That means more revenue, better care services and no more physically mailed spreadsheets, voicemail messages, or on-hold music. 

Hayylo provides a rewarding experience to customers and providers alike. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, fall in love with Hayylo today.