Imagine an industry where only 20% of clients feel like their needs are consistently met. Unfortunately, it would take less imagination than you might think. According to recent testimonials and statistics from the Aged Care Royal Commission, this is the reality faced by the aged care industry. There is an overwhelming lack of trust and confidence in the sector that is largely brought about by a lack of transparent communication, access to information, and autonomy

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards are already in place to address these areas of improvement within the industry. Quality standard number 2 requires ongoing assessment in care which asks for transparency, control and independence to be afforded to care clients. These feelings of autonomy are crucial to achieving the positive health and wellbeing outcomes that the aged care industry is designed to provide.

The care plan and other care documents sharing nightmare

Many organisations have systems in place that aim to exceed client satisfaction and achieve the ideal health outcomes for care recipients. Documents like care plans, client consent forms, and home care agreements have historically been instrumental to the service of care. However, as important as they have been, these documents are rarely accessible, updated, or even discussed with clients. In many cases, there has been a gap in communication between provider and client. This leaves care clients feeling as though they have no control over their packages or, even worse, their health decisions.

This large chasm of communication is often due to the fact that these documents are often sent via snail mail. That is to say, they are physically distributed via the post or occasionally sent through a worker. It creates a nightmarish communication line that is logistically exhausting to publish, update, and distribute.

An app to share and update care plans in seconds

Hayylo is designed to bridge the communications gap between providers and clients and help achieve the Aged Care Quality Standards. Instead of clients jumping through hoops to ask for permission to access information, Hayylo offers self-service, on-demand access to all the relevant information that a client needs. By transforming the communications line from snail mail to instant information, clients are able to receive updates and information through one simple, easy-to-use branded application (that is, with the provider’s brand).

With just a few clicks, clients and the wider care network are able to engage in a 360-degree care plan with the provider. All stakeholders can receive up-to-date information that brings comfort to clients and their families. That’s trust and transparency at the touch of a button

Check out how easy it is!

Many organisations have dug their heels into the ground with the belief that their clients are unable to adapt to technology. This underlying belief has contributed to the shocking statistic that only 20% of care recipients feel that their needs are being consistently met. However, Hayylo has been tested and approved by thousands of clients nationwide. With Hayylo, over 50% of clients request to use the providers’ branded Hayylo application and 80% report that it’s an easy-to-use, intuitive platform

In the wake of the Aged Care Royal Commission and the new Aged Care Quality Standards, organisations are rushing to get their care practices up to speed. With Hayylo, you can skip the tricky transition stage with our tried and tested deployment systems. Give your clients and teams the uncomplicated care that they deserve with Hayylo

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