Unravelling the key to success behind the Buurtzorg model of care in Australia

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As the sector continues to change, providers are challenged to identify and mobilise new models of care that drive client outcomes more efficiently. Globally, the Buurtzorg model has gained momentum due to its ability to drive client outcomes and do so in a more cost-effective manner than traditional models.

At its core, the Buurtzorg model focuses on empowering teams to work closely and self-organise around clients, which automatically enables more effective care for clients that are typically at reduced hours when compared to traditional models.

Simply said, there are numerous changes needed to make the Buurtzorg model work at scale across the Australian community services. Including a significant mindset shift towards delivering an outcome instead of delivering services.

So, what works? How do we move towards this? Well, there is something fundamental in our daily lives that this model showcases. Something achievable in the short term, with significant benefit for clients, communities and care teams – communication!

Communication is the key and the secret sauce behind the success of the Buurtzorg model

Hayylo Greg Satur Empowering Health Decisions

The ability to communicate precisely across the entire supply chain is paramount. It supports client delight and outcomes, team and business efficiency. This trifecta harnesses the key principles of any business with community services being no different.

Hayylo at the ACSA 33rd National Online Summit

Greg Satur, Hayylo’s CEO & Co-founder, unpacked this topic at the ACSA Online Summit 2021. During the session, Greg ran through a new way of providing care services supported by simple and well-established digital technologies:

  • -Traditional models across Australia
  • -What is Buurtzorg and how it came about
  • -Practical applications that are in place in providers in Queensland, SA and WA
  • -Today versus what tomorrow could be

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