Kingston City Council chooses homegrown tech and emerges as a pioneer provider to respond to the sector’s reform.

Hayylo and AccessCare, home care services provider auspiced by the Kingston City Council in Southern Melbourne, just signed off an agreement to implement back-to-back digital technology to support the provision of home care services. The project is believed to be the first of its kind anywhere in Australia for a council to be adopting client-facing technology within the aged and community care sector.

Client-facing technology, a game-changer

Following the Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations on the use of digital and client-facing technology, AccessCare chose Hayylo, a homegrown scaleup, as a central hub for all client communication. The Hayylo platform will power a range of easy and accessible ways for clients to know all about their schedules, options of health services and even their budgets, statements and invoices.

Self-service, on-demand, and fully transparent information is a key deliverable of the partnership. It addresses the highest levels of care services by empowering clients, families and field teams with awareness and control over the decisions that involve them. “Our solution delivers the level of trust, insight and choice that recipients deserve and is very tailored for providers to adopt easily”, says Meg Braithwaite, Director of Strategic Accounts and Growth at Hayylo.

With the platform, AccessCare will operate an integrated and smart call centre that combines self-service voice response, SMS and email chats (all from one single screen) and a customised app with client’s details, preferences, documentation, schedule, statements and invoices, and even the possibility to book and pay for extra services. With more streamlined support and care coordination processes, AccessCare will improve satisfaction and reduce anxiety and stress in teams, clients, and families.

Interoperability in aged and community care

Another innovative element of the partnership is the quick deployment. Hayylo’s agile technology and industry-specific APIs allow for an 8 to 10-week implementation, including all connections needed to client management and scheduling tools. AccessCare will benefit from the deep integration with their Civica CarelinkPlus software, one of Hayylo’s integration partners, that serves over 150 Australian aged and disability providers.

The partnership ensures a nimble IT ecosystem, like the one experienced by other leading providers such as Spinal Life Australia and Mercy Care Services, and moves the dial forward on client communication and quickly responds to new requirements and needs.

Supporting 3,300 people who are older, homeless, have disabilities and/or are carers, AccessCare has developed a strong reputation over the past 20 years for providing for those with complex needs. “Hayylo stands out for being a complete and smart platform that easily plugs into provider’s complex daily operation and quickly makes life easier for everyone involved in providing or receiving care”, says Greg Satur, CEO and Co-founder of Hayylo.

“We’re proud to be a pioneer and a quick adopter of tools like Hayylo that are going to help us deliver greater care outcomes for clients and greater efficiencies for our teams”, says Margie Hanrahan, Manager at AccessCare.

“AccessCare and Hayylo are role models of the attitude needed to change the care services sector in Australia for the better. We hope this serves as an encouragement for other providers out there to do the same”, comments Simon Heaysman, COO and Co-founder of Hayylo.