By now, aged and community care providers already know that soon they will no longer be allowed to hold home care funds on behalf of clients. This change in the funding instruments comes as a recent report indicates that the amount of unspent HCP funds nears $1.5 billion.

Many organisations will feel the direct impact on cash flow and sustainability if they fail to adapt. Providers will need to adopt new and agile methods to leverage these funds and promote conscious spending that affords clients the greater health outcomes they desire.

On the other hand, there are providers across the country that are already using these tips and technology at scale to reduce costs, increase revenue and, as a result, experiencing strong ROI.

Tips for Increasing Revenue in Care Services Providers:

Create tailored offers and promote extended programs of service

It pays to research your clients’ service history, funding program and available funds. With carefully segmented clients, an organisation can send out custom offers and suggest additional services so these clients can use their funds to the fullest.

Promote further information and services through SMS

Understanding your clients preferred communication method is crucial. Some will prefer to receive in-app communications, while some may prefer to interact via SMS or phone. Using the above filters, an organisation can compile a list of clients and send out an SMS or automated call with tailored offers and programs.

Target clients with self-service bookings and payments

Organisations should offer self-service bookings that are already included in their programs as well as extra services that they can purchase. Integrating this “e-commerce” aspect alongside their information and schedule encourages clients to utilise their funds. These bookings can be communicated as push notifications that inform clients about an offer and their available unspent funds.

Utilising push notifications simplifies the booking process by maintaining everything within an application that clients are already used to. It also facilitates for family members to help out if necessary.

Clearly communicate budgets and statements

Clients often don’t spend because they can’t make head or tail of their allocated budget and can’t access their statements easily. So they become confused, stressed, and anxious over their lack of understanding and disengaged with their services. That leads to a lack of trust and confidence in the services provided, constant billing enquiries, and, as a result, packages are left unspent.

Providers must answer questions before clients have the chance to ask them. Complete client & family apps come with friendly charts connected to back-end financial or CMS systems and provide real-time information to clients and their families. Clients with a better understanding of their finances will be more comfortable with spending the remaining budget instead of saving it for a rainy day

To follow these tips or at least one of them is crucial to ensure providers will adapt and won’t lose profitability. With Hayylo, we simplify the transition process to a more connected world. 

We’re a unique platform that allows aged, community and disability care providers to integrate with other industry-leading software seamlessly. By empowering clients and care teams with real-time information and awareness of their services, organisations can understand their clients on a deeper and more personal level. With this insight, Hayylo encourages clients to maximise their care programs with tailored services and additional offers that increase their wellbeing and health outcomes

Hayylo is the platform that pays for itself

Leading care providers such as ChorusPrestige In-home CareSpinal Life AustraliaLife CareAccessCare, IntegratedLiving Australia and many others have already deployed Hayylo at scale, providing their clients with seamless access to all their care information. Not to mention the reduction in care coordination costs, and even short notice cancellations by 70%!

You too can find out how these efficiencies and ROI would play out in your organisation. Book a personalised ROI session now!