Hayylo is excited to announce our latest partnership with Carrington Care – further extending the Hayylo footprint across aged, community and assisted living care service provision.
Carrington is a not-for-profit aged care provider located in the Macarthur region of Sydney that integrates home care, retirement living and residential care on its vast site of 450 acres. This model of care has been a great advantage to delivering services and ensuring continuity of care. Built on a long-standing tradition of service spanning 130 years, Carrington is committed to providing holistic person-centred care that demonstrates its compassion, integrity and sensitivity.
Supporting a burgeoning consumer base of clients across a range of funding programs, including HCP, CHSP and Private fee for service, Carrington Care provides a broad array of services and support, including Nursing Services, Personal Care, Transport and Social outings, Respite, specialised healthcare services and more. In addition, Carrington Care has recently built and will have underway an extraordinary new Assisted Living development on their campus, Riverview. Providing luxury accommodation with complete Concierge Services, Riverview Assisted Living residents will enjoy the ideal balance of independence and support in a safe, welcoming and secure environment.

Integrated Client and Community Communication for Carrington Care

Carrington Care partnered with Hayylo for our ability to provide a dynamic digital interface for all their clients and a wider circle of care, driving business process improvement and efficiency. In addition, Hayylo will enable on-demand service delivery and provide a greater connection and communication capabilities with those they serve. 

This partnership further emboldens Hayylo’s turnkey integration capabilities with AlayaCare’s Procura CS solution and Epicor as the in-situ CMS and finance solutions. The connection between the software enables the publication of invoices and statements within the app, via email or even via SMS, with a full payment gateway enabled for digital payments across Invoices or in-app purchases of goods and services.

A key deliverable of the Hayylo solution for Carrington Care is not only the digital interface enabled via their branded app for their clients but also Hayylo’s Smart Number integration – enabling client’s 24/7 access to their service information, with even the ability to SMS on demand their next scheduled service events. Features such as Hayylo’s Smart Number integration drive massive efficiency gains and open up transparency to clients across service delivery in highly innovative ways, without needing clients to change what they’re used to doing.

Support worker’s App

Furthermore, Hayylo’s Worker Experience App will be a key deliverable for Carrington Care – enabling a branded single entry point for all their health teams. It’ll include the ability to act as a gateway to the Procura CS Mobile App, as well as a single point of entry to update health teams and families on the care being provided – at the point of care.  In addition, health teams can review the most up to date care plan documentation, send ETA SMS alerts to clients when they’re on their way, provide immediate updates to other members of the health team around a client’s care, and enable a concierge-type ability to enact on requests made by the client through the care service delivery. This assures ongoing compliance requirements and has Carrington Care well placed to meet future demands across changing Aged Care Standards.

Other interoperability standouts include the auto-creation of comprehensive dated notes (care notes) back into the Procura CS system of record and the auto-sync of care plan documents and other documents shared with clients – further driving massive business optimisation for their operational team and the ability to meet compliance concerns plaguing the sector head-on.

Raad Richards, Carrington Care

“We are delighted to be partnering with Hayylo to drive this next phase in exceptional care and service delivery at Carrington Care”, states Raad Richards, Chief Executive at Carrington Care. “Hayylo has proven to successfully be able to meet and deploy across the care continuum – not just for residential care, and meet the complex communication needs for community care. This was important in our choice and strategy to invest in a solution that will meet the needs of all our care services now and into the future”, adds Mr Richards.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hayylo, Greg Satur, says, “We are delighted and feel very privileged to be able to collaborate and have inputs from such a high calibre and respected organisation such as Carrington Care. Hayylo is well situated to assist in delivering the strategic plan and vision for the future that Carrington Care has underway”.

Greg Satur CEO Hayylo
Greg Satur, Hayylo

Over the past few months here at Hayylo, we’ve been highly impressed with Carrington Care’s innovative approach to service delivery and its unwavering commitment to supporting people to live independently. It is truly a delight to see our platform adding value to their vision and working in alignment with a mission both companies share. 

We’re looking forward to the cementing of this partnership and the wonderful outcomes the Hayylo platform brings for its customers and employees. Watch this space!