Chorus unburdened care teams with Hayylo’s smart platform and reduced the admin workload by connecting frontline teams and clients directly

Hayylo and Chorus have recently deployed an app dedicated to the direct connection of clients and support workers. To alleviate the stress of thousands of calls to a central office and make all teams’ lives easier, the app provides full transparency of schedules, details, documentation and quick updates on visits directly between frontline teams, clients and families.

In the first 3 months, around 2,900 visit changes and 1,700 change notifications didn’t need manual actioning. In addition, support workers displayed high initial engagement by sharing 400 updates and expressing their satisfaction through testimonials such as “You’d have to pry the app out our dead hands”.

Australia’s first true Buurtzorg model of care

Hayylo and Chorus worked together to implement Australia’s first true Buurtzorg model of care. In perfect alignment with the Aged Care Royal Commission and the 2021/2022 federal government budget, the project recognises care teams’ importance in providing high-quality care

The concept of health teams is a key part of the project, bringing together frontline and support teams, clients, family, friends and the wider communities. Members of the health team are automatically updated by each other. Similarly, frontline teams can message amongst themselves, ensuring client preferences are respected and knowledge shared. They now have total control and independence over the information they need when they need it.

The success of this project sets new standards for the sector by proving once and for all that when you partner with your workforce, a range of benefits take place:

  • They will engage and deliver better health outcomes for clients
  • Reduce turnover as they’re now working in a much less stressful environment
  • Increase provider’s profitability as logistic and scheduling costs are drastically reduced with a digital and transparent workflow. 

Smart technology working in the background ensures care teams’ lives are easier

From Hayylo’s platform, teams quickly manage enquiries from whatever way the client or family members choose – increasing satisfaction levels without creating extra workload. On the contrary, Hayylo’s Smart Number (interactive voice response calls) and SMS messaging capabilities reduce greatly inbound and outbound calling, not only in quantity but also in cost, leaving more free time for other aspects of service delivery.

Through the Hayylo app, support workers can:

  • View client documents and schedules
  • Request changes to visits
  • Manage time and attendance, synced with the scheduling and billing systems
  • Communicate directly with the clients, families and other workers supporting the same clients to truly keep a team-managed continuation of care

Clients and families can:

  • View documents and schedules
  • Request changes to scheduled visits
  • Communicate with each other and carers
  • Send new requests to the service team

Happy teams are teams with more free time to spend on care

The shift from the centralisation of care and dependency on the head office staff to a more direct connection between health teams and clients is proven to decrease costs, manual workload and stress levels for both staff and clients. With the Hayylo platform, office and scheduling staff spend 50% less time on manual tasks and, as a consequence, response times improve by 45%, according to the client’s feedback. 

Overall, teams have 60% more free time to spend on care. No more admin and manual workload.

Because clients now have on-demand access to their schedule and can request changes directly on the app, inbound calls from clients drastically drop by 50%. For the provider, this means a 70% reduction of short notice cancellations and a 23% optimisation rate on scheduling costs since many of these tasks are now digital and/or self-service and managed between the field team and client.

The app is a real game-changer. In the first 3 months, workers shared 400 updates. In addition, 4,500 visits have happened, and nearly 2,900 visit changes were requested with the app. Over 1,700 change notifications were sent. That’s literally thousands of actions that field and office teams didn’t have to operate manually.

Debunking the myth: Hayylo was deployed in 8 weeks with minimum training needed

Hayylo’s full platform and apps were deployed in 8 weeks. This breaks another sector paradigm – that to innovate is necessary Herculean efforts and resources.

Not with Hayylo. That’s because we know how much providers struggle with time and are under so much pressure. As a true SaaS platform and effortless to use, most of it is self-implemented and is happening in the background. Hayylo also delivers tutorials and templates to circulate the news and instructions to teams and client base when it’s time to access the new tools and channels.

Testimonials of happy teams and happy clients

“You’d have to pry the app out our dead hands”, said a support worker in one feedback session.

A disability support worker reported: “I love the Hayylo app. It’s much better than phone and SMS. It makes me feel more connected to my clients”. 

Another worker registered this entry to the client’s feed: “Assisted E. with downloading Hayylo and went through the basics. Will continue to show E. extras as time goes on”.

A client said: “It gives you confidence that someone will come and you’ll be in good hands”.

This is a direct result of a co-designed solution, only possible with Chorus’s complete care team active collaboration – from office to field. Together, they extracted the best out of Hayylo’s features to deliver a tailored solution that eliminates loopholes and inefficiencies all providers struggle with in the service delivery.

With Hayylo, it’s always a win-win!