Life Care and Hayylo give frontline and office teams their time back by enabling direct digital communication with customers, families, and other team members. Less admin means more time to spend on what really matters.

In the face of the workforce shortage in aged care, make the most with what you’ve got

The care sector needs a change. Clients, families, workforce and even regulators are highlighting the importance of more transparency, control over services and the need to better connect with all stakeholders through client care services. Clearly, existing business processes will not shift the dial enough to drive the changes required.

Lately, the sector has been even more exposed because of outdated processes and legacy solutions. For Life Care, the wellbeing of their residents and staff is an absolute priority, and this was central in their decision making across the adoption of better communication processes. So, they chose Hayylo to quickly and effectively spin their communication practices between frontline and office teams with residents and their families and make everyone’s lives easier.

Hayylo’s cutting-edge platform and app connected clients, families and health teams to share updates quickly and communicate in an on-demand and frictionless manner, setting aside the stress and manual workload that usually goes on at provider’s offices.

Easing the stress and frustration across the care service delivery

The Hayylo app is completely branded, and in Life Care, it was named Life Care LIVE. The app is a finalist in the LASA Excellence in Age Services Awards 2021 and the Future of Ageing Awards 2021.

Since Hayylo comes as a complete and domain-specific platform, it easily plugs into the existing IT infrastructure, including Telstra Health’s HCM and their Clinical Care solution, getting the platform and app up and running in just two weeks to meet the immediate needs that a COVID-19 lockdown was enforcing for their residential clients and facilities.

With the Hayylo app, frontline teams can:

  • Keep everyone updated and informed
  • Make communication easier between teams and families
  • Directly access and share relevant care information among carers
  • Eliminate admin and manual workload
  • Have more time to spend with customers
  • Enjoy a very welcoming wave of positive feedback as clients and families appraise not only the quality of the app but how quick and easy it was to implement and start using

As a result, teams have 60% more free time to spend on what really matters: relationships with residents and clients.

Residents and clients can:

  • Share photos and videos
  • Interact with their health team
  • Allow their family members to keep up with everything that’s going on
  • Feel more connected, safe and part of a community.

Family members can:

  • Easily check in on their loved ones at the touch of a button
  • Get informed of care duties and trust they’re well looked after

In a time of so many uncertainties, enabling an atmosphere of relief and easiness across all the care networks of Life Care residential is undoubtedly a unique outcome of Hayylo and this project.

Hayylo and its features have also been rolled out to Life Care’s home care client base due to its success.

Yes, aged care clients and workforce do use technology

The Hayylo started as a pilot in one facility. It took only two weeks to roll out the technology and promote it among the residents and their families. In the first five days, 70% of the families were already in the app

With such a positive response, the app was rolled out for the remaining four facilities in the following month. In around 60 days, the entirety of the Life Care residential operation was connected and experiencing highly improved communication and engagement.

The immediate adoption of the app demonstrates how spot-on the technology is. Currently, the app has:

  • 5,000 posts and 6,5000 engagements such as likes and comments. 
  • Over 1,000 people, among clients and families, are active on the app and can interact with 40 support workers. 
  • The latter contributed with over 4,500 posts.

Feedback from family members prove the importance of this project for the wellbeing and further support of the whole family unit: 

I only get to see mum and dad in person when I come back to Australia, but I don’t know when the next time will be because of the coronavirus travel restrictions. Seeing my parents on the app reassures me they’re well looked after. I get regular updates which bring a sense of closeness to our relationship, despite the distance”.

On average, over 50% of clients request to use the providers’ branded Hayylo application and 80% report that it’s an easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

Life Care has also experienced a decrease in incoming calls by around 20%. This is a consistent result across all providers that adopt Hayylo as it enables transparency, self-service and a more direct connection and exchange of information between clients, families and health teams, making the phone calls to the head offices unnecessary.

Seamless team and client communication unburdens people from admin routine workload

The Hayylo-Life Care LIVE app brings ease to stressed and busy staff, concerned and anxious family members and ensures visibility that there is an active care network supporting residents and clients. 

Less time spent on admin and reporting manual tasks allows teams to focus on their mission: care. The same app enables clients to keep their independence and control over their care by empowering them with self-service access to the relevant documentation, fast updates and direct contact with health teams. 

This continuity of care deepens relationships, builds trust and further wellbeing of all involved in the duty of care.

Life Care transformed Hayylo’s smart and purpose-built technology into a much greater care experience for clients and staff, one that embraces everyone’s needs for connection, awareness and inclusiveness in ways they feel comfortable with. 

Learn how Hayylo makes more time for your teams.