Astute providers are using the systems and devices already in the sector to achieve more with less, garnering measurable improvements to service delivery and client support.

2021 has been another banner year for the aged, disability and community care sector. Innovation was once again forefront in driving providers to achieve more with less. Having your people and technology working together is vital to efficient care service delivery and overcoming industry-wide challenges.

For providers, making better use of internal resources is key to driving this greater operational efficiency whilst keeping high worker and customer experiences. Work smarter, not harder! Leading providers, such as Chorus, Life Care, Goodwin and Southern Cross Care Tasmania, are already operating with increased efficiency and experiencing remarkable results such as:

  • 60% more time their care teams get back to spend on care instead of admin
  • 70% drop in short-notice cancellations, driving greater workforce stability
  • 23% reduction in inbound calls to the office for simple enquiries 

These increased efficiencies enable more time for existing staff to reach out and engage with clients in meaningful ways – creating room for both better customer and worker experiences.

Part of the solution is in the technology already in place: integrating current systems and updating the single client record so double entry is eliminated and seamless views of customer interactions can be easily accessed. Now, clients, families and care teams have access to the latest information to make the best decisions for care. 

With Hayylo, for example, they can even choose to visualise services where they prefer – on an app, by receiving SMS, calling a 24×7 automated call centre or via email, thus removing the need for tedious and repetitive admin workload and phone calls.

What is ROI for providers, and how to calculate it?

ROI (Return on investment) is the benefit the organisation sees as they invest in something new: software or processes, for example. The ROI can be in dollar value or value-based, such as time saved performing tasks more efficiently, enquiry response time or client and staff retention. Hayylo, on average, returns 4-6x a provider’s investment with savings in staff time and operational cost.

Every time a scheduling coordinator doesn’t have to access multiple solutions to respond to a client enquiry (on average, 3-5 minutes per enquiry) contributes to the return on investment.  Every time an office team member doesn’t have to make three or four phone calls to reschedule and confirm a single visit, that’s another huge contribution to the return on investment.

The Hayylo platform helps providers achieve such outcomes with:

  • Automated service notifications (instead of calling customers for each change). This action alone saves $5.20 per customer each month.
  • 24×7 access to schedules (instead of having customers calling about the same enquiries), which saves at least $1.06 per customer monthly.
  • Digital update and distribution of care documentation, statements and invoices (instead of using snail mail) save $1.50 per customer each month.
  • Automatic update of the Single Client Record (eliminating manual data entry and double handling), saving 1 minute per enquiry.
  • Just to mention a few practical examples.

The time and effort saved by teams have real-life positive impacts. At Chorus, in the first three months alone, 2,900 visit changes and 1,700 change notifications didn’t need manual actioning. Support workers shared over 400 updates on customers through the Hayylo app and were happier working with more efficiency and self-organising with better communication tools. In their words: “You’d have to pry the app out of our dead hands”.

On average, an operation like Chorus can save over 206 working hours per month and $61,224 in operational costs each year in just one site. In Chorus’ case, as in many other providers, that currently runs 20 different sites, the financial and operational impact from a whole of organisation perspective at scale is incredibly significant.

For an organisation like Life Care, a provider with residential and home care operations, teams can save 268 working hours per month and $79,389 in operational costs each year.

Hayylo’s estimates are calculated based on real user data on the platform over the past five years and Australia-based hourly salaries. The ROI calculator is a tangible tool to surface daily hidden costs and bottlenecks providers and teams deal with. And how much more efficient and hassle-free service delivery and communications could be.

Catch up on what’s going on with leading innovators

On the 16th of November (2pm AEDT), the Hayylo team was joined by Dr George Margelis (ACIITC) for a special webinar on innovation in the sector in the past year. 

As thought leaders and long-term industry innovators, the panel discussed: 

  • What are the most valuable innovations for teams?
  • What techs had the most impressive uptake?
  • What are the benefits of innovating at scale for the sector?
  • How to measure the return on investment (ROI) of tech projects and pilots?

Watch the recording.

Originally published on Community Care Review.