Hayylo is so thrilled to announce that SummitCare has officially welcomed their residents family members to new SummitCare app (powered by Hayylo).

The new SummitCare app will allow family members to send requests through for booking visits, social leave, hair appointments and more … Family members can also post photos and send messages to SummitCare‘s Health Teams.

With the new Hayylo powered app, SummitCare can now provide a unified communication platform across all their facilities – affirming their focus on using technology to improve resident and family communication and drive greater staff satisfaction by reducing administration time for their support teams on the floor.

SummitCare look forward to seeing their residents families interact with their SummitCare’s team members and the wonderful outcomes the Hayylo Platform brings for their residents, families and employees. 

Make this real for you! Make more time to care with Hayylo.