Equipping Leaders with Insights in Preparing for a Better Support At Home

The announcement of the Support at Home Program is set to introduce significant changes in the way home care providers and their care teams, clients, community and government come together around home care delivery. 

In this Guide, Hayylo shares valuable insights preparing Leaders in Home Care for a smooth transition to a better Support at Home.

  • Why and how providers are mobilising to focus on their Customer Experience practices in readiness for Support at Home changes.
  • How care teams are looking at new ways to enable Back-office Optimisation to drive down costs across unnecessary administration 
  • Using communication as an opportunity for change how providers are focusing on this to create more efficient and valuable experiences, at every touch-point.
  • Why Client and Family engagement is a key focus for retention of existing clients across the changes to funding and detailing why a “client portal” is not the only answer to streamlined communication.


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