As budgets stretch across home care operations due to staffing shortages, inefficiency and increased demand, a growing number of Telstra Health Home Care Manager customers have adopted new ways to enable teams to streamline their day-to-day operations.

Key to this has been focusing on the efforts most home care providers face on a daily basis around keeping their clients, communities, and teams up to date with changes to services, new requests, and other questions. With the majority of home care providers reporting the use of manual processes like email as their primary means to track and organise their daily workload, there is a large risk of non compliance.

In a recent poll of home care teams, over 50% of respondents reported that helping their teams more efficiently communicate with their clients was the top of the agenda to solve.

The Hayylo and Telstra Health partnership has seen providers like LifecareGoodwinD.A.N.S In-home Care and Southern Cross Care TAS significantly reduce operating spending by providing their admin teams with easier ways to communicate with clients and keep their teams in sync. 

Michael Donnelly from Telstra Health explains the benefits of the partnership here.

Hayylo’s purpose-built care service platform seamlessly connects to Telstra Health Home Care Manager, delivering the best possible client experience. With features like NotifySMS Chat and Smart Numbers, providers can keep clients and their families updated, whilst driving huge operational efficiencies for their back office teams.

Want to know how easy it is, ask Jamie​ Fillingham Executive Manager of Community Care at Goodwin Aged Care or get in contact with our team today.