It’s Monday morning as your team are fielding hundreds of emails, calls, and enquiries, putting them into overdrive. This reactive state makes it difficult to manage the workload, creating stress and bottle necks that lead to things getting missed. 

Each time a customer promise is missed, or a family is left waiting, the risk of non-compliance is increased. As an example, if teams aren’t able to let a client know that their service has changed, it can lead to a complaint and if not managed correctly adds to the potential of non-compliance.  

As home care operators try to respond to years of escalating pressure, a growing number of Civica Carelink customers are looking for new ways to enable their teams to work smarter, not harder. With the Care Management System (CMS) being the backbone of any team, taking care of rostering, financial and care management, teams are unlocking a new complement that’s driving needed relief for teams around communication and collaboration.  

Most home care providers report the use of manual processes and email as their primary means to track and organise their daily work. Teams found that by using email to manage client requests and enquiries, is they were constantly struggling to find past conversations and requests, needing to ask team members if things had been completed. “Email trails are sometimes really difficult to go through when working with a customer enquiry as it takes so much time” one provider noted.  

This combined with the number one complaint across care being focused around how teams communicate with clients, groups around the country are moving to Care Service Platforms to fill the gap. With a care service platform that’s connected to the CMS, teams have become responsive and proactive, reduced complaints, and created happier teams by ensuring enquiries are tracked and measured. This allows them to reach clients, families and workers with the press of a button, reducing phone calls and increasing capacity.

With technology advancements over the last 10 years, more and more teams are moving to focus on how they service their clients in the community. Whilst teams noted they can’t always prevent things from going wrong, they can control how they respond and react as a team. This leads to a better team and customer experience, reducing complaints and increasing satisfaction across the board. Care Service platforms like Hayylo have appeared as a requirement for community care providers to differentiate themselves, supporting the ongoing demands around workforce and client attraction.  

Hayylo’s purpose-built care service platform seamlessly connects to Civica Carelink, delivering the best possible client experience. With features like Notify, SMS Chat, Smart Numbers, providers can keep clients and their families updated with ease, while driving huge operational efficiencies for their back office teams with Hayylo Service Desk and Hayylo Analytics. The Hayylo and Civica partnership has seen providers like ADSSI, Access Care, SensesWA and Spinal Life benefit from better care service and the list is growing quickly. Reach out to the team at Hayylo for a chat.